Leaking basement window

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Posted by: from St.albert
7/26/2012 at 1:16:11 PM

What can we do or who should we call?

When it rains we have a small waterfall coming down our basement wall below a basement window. At the top of the cement wall (below the window) there's a 2x4 and then the window frame on top of that nad the water appears to come from both the top of that 2x4 as well as below it where it sits on the cement.

The house has a sump pump in the basement and the exterior is a clay like dirt right up to the bottom of the basement window. It looks like there might not be any weeping tile (not too sure) and the dirt is not hard packed.

Any info. leading to help us make the right call would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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Date/Time7/26/2012 at 2:23:13 PM

A couple things you can do.

First make sure the grading all around the house slopes away from the foundation. The earth needs to be at least 6" below the bottom of the window. If not you need to put in a window well with clear stone for 1-2' below the window and a drainage tile that goes all the way to the bottom of your foundation and tied into the weeping tiles.

Any clay type soil basically doesn't drain very well, so you need to control the water untill it has a chance to sink into the soil.

A lot of contractors can install a window well for you, but foundation contractors defineitly will do this kind of work.

Expect to pay 1-2000 for this type of work.

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Double J in Brantford
Date/Time7/26/2012 at 4:56:23 PM

Sa well as doing what James said, I would recommend redoing your weeping tile and put in new soil all the way up. Get rid of the clay as clay has no drainage value. Think about putting in a dry weeping bed. This is an area of approximatley 8 X 10 filled with 12" to 24" of 3/4 stone that the weepers can run into well away from your house so that all of the water has an area to soak into the ground.

If you are going to do this it is a good time to waterproof the basement while it is all open. I would use Blur Rhino for this as it is a great product and holds up for many years.

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Date/Time7/26/2012 at 10:20:14 PM


By what you are saying it sounds as if the window bottom is slightly below the grade of the outside ground level. Thus any excess water runs to the lowest point ... your window. It should have a window well, which is available at a Home depot or other retailer. They can also exlain the function of a window well.

As to the weeping tile, there may be and issue, but do the window first. To replace weeping tile and re-surface the foundation is a costly job.

Good luck

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Date/Time7/26/2012 at 10:59:55 PM

Hi Randy,

I am a foundation repair tech. and from what you are saying your window needs 3 things one the area between the window and the 2x4 and the 2x4 and the concrete needs to be sealed and second a window well needs to be installed and third, depending on how old your home is you may not have a weeping tile system around your home.

So the idea of a dry area would be good but if it does have weeping tile then dig to the footing install weeping in to the window well tie it into your weeping tile and back fill the hole with 3/4 crush and you window will never leack again.

I do several of these a year and I have never had a call back on one.

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