Mold inside the window frame. How do I get this out?

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Posted by: from Toronto
12/5/2011 at 11:39:53 AM

I have just the worker remove half my bedroom wall below the window and he said there was no mold found so he thinks that it's inside the window frame.

How do I check for this and how do I clean it if mold is found. I don't have much money to get things fix up.

Thank you,


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Date/Time12/5/2011 at 12:56:03 PM

Hi Robert:

When you describing the mould location, are you referring to the rough opening and the window frame? If so, remove the trim around the window, take out any insulation that should be present, dry the area and clean it as best as possible and the with a spray bottle, Mist the area well with a water and bleach solution.

Let it dry completely, then reinstall the insulation before replacing the window trim. Approx max 20 % bleach will do. Once the bleach comes in contact with the mould spore it will kill it.

However, this will not remove the problem of how it occured in the first place. Mould spore thrive on dampness. You will have to look for where the moisture entered the framing cavity.

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Date/Time12/5/2011 at 12:57:45 PM

Hi Robert,

We would need a lot more info in order to help you out. If you can, please describe the window frame (wood, vinyl, aluminum?) and if possible, post some pictures.

If there is no mold directly below the window or on the framing for the window, It is very unlikely that there is mold in the window frame (although not impossible).

What made you think there was mold in the first place? Is that why you are having the drywall and insulation removed? It may be best to stop what is going on and have someone come in and give you a second opinion.

Post something as soon as you can.

Jim Kuzma

Kettleby Handyman Services

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Date/Time12/28/2011 at 11:41:48 AM

Hi Robert,

You indicated that you have mould on the window frame but not in the wall and insulation this usually means that you have expose the frame to extra humidity.

This can happened from a few reasons:

* too much humidity in your room.

* no air flow on the window from the vents to move the air and not allow the condensation to sink on the frame.

* a little water crawling within the window to the inside frame but not a lot so it does not drip into the wall.

Dip a sharp object i.e. knife, screwdriver into the frame. If it deeps in the wood itself it has to be changed. If it fills hard you can just clean bleach dry and close.

Harry C.

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