mould removal

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Posted by: from Edmonton
6/7/2011 at 4:03:29 PM

I need advice on who to talk to and contact about mould or mildew removal. We have just taken possesion of and are about to move into a rental house in Edmonton only to discover there is a mould problem in the floors (carpeting) of the basement. While I cannot see the mould I can smell it, and the smell is overwhelming to me, we spent one weekend in the new house and myself and my children all ended up with coughing sneezing stuffy nose etc, the children moreso as they chose to play in the basement. Who can I contact about testing which type of mould, the severity of the problem, and removing it. I do not believe the new landlord will pay for the testing and removal until we prove there is a problem, and we are on a extremely limited budget with moving costs and such. They did offer to clean the floors but i know this will only be a very time limited bandaid solution. The carpets have foam matting beneath. I am scared to move any furniture to the new house but we must be out of the previous house by the end of June. (** note my husband is ill too but thinks it has nothing to do with the mould in the basement as he cannot smell it **)

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Date/Time6/7/2011 at 8:23:49 PM

Hi Tammy! Well being a landlord myself I would certainly look after a concern with mould. Call your landlord if he does not want to deal with the problem I suggest you move out. There is no reason you should have to pay for any mould testing on a property you do not own. Get your landlord involved. If it is already causing you to cough that is not good especially for your kids. Not sure who you would call out there in regards to that problem. Is there any sort of tenancy board out there? Try them if your landlord won't do anything. He obviously knew there was a problem there and never said anything. Hope that helps.

Brent Smith

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Tammy in Edmonton
Date/Time6/9/2011 at 1:41:11 PM

Well I guess I finally complained enough (along with a few threats) that they are hiring a private contractor to come investigate (possibly just to shut me up ... but I know my nose ). The new landlord I think bought the house without actually checking first for any problems. They are brand new owners of this property and we will be their first renters. But why they did not come do a thorough investigation before buying and renting the house out is beyond me.

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