old plaster walls

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Posted by: from Montreal
1/23/2008 at 10:52:39 PM

Hi i found many cracks in the walls, the house was built in the 1920's.The walls are all original plaster.

I wanted to know what materials i need to fix the cracks or should i hire a professional

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Home Handy in Kelowna
Date/Time1/24/2008 at 2:11:05 PM

Contact a professional plasterer, this skill is an old world profession (euro). How extensive are the cracks? Cost wise for the long term, you are best to remove plaster and install drywall. Good Luck

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Date/Time1/31/2008 at 10:10:12 AM

In older homes, the house has usually finished settling, so repairing the plaster is possible. I do agree with replacing the plaster with drywall.

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Date/Time1/31/2008 at 10:10:12 AM

In older homes, the house has usually finished settling, so repairing the plaster is possible. I do agree with replacing the plaster with drywall.

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Peter in Montreal
Date/Time1/31/2008 at 6:59:20 PM

Thank you for all the advice.The biggest cracks

are about 12 inches and the rest are smaller

.should i replace the plaster with drywall only where the cracks are or replace the whole wall

thank you


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Date/Time2/4/2008 at 8:44:25 AM

I would first start by trying to fix the cracks and if it still looks bad than replace the plaster with drywall. But replacing the plaster with drywall should be your last resort. For it is really bad to deal with the dust / maybe blown in insolation , mouse shit and what ever else ,Then you have to try and mud and tape the celling.For as soon as you start riping out the walls the lath and plaster in the celling will start coming down. So if your going to go and do all that

Hire someone for your going to get in way over your head in it and trust me LATH AND PLASTER SUCKS to work with.

I see it all the time


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John in Ottawa
Date/Time4/20/2008 at 5:16:27 AM

I am a strong beliver in DIY. You should try to fill the cracks in with a general purpose crack filler. If thje cracks are very serious then you would need to replace the plaster, Peter.

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Spidy in Whitecourt
Date/Time4/21/2008 at 12:51:23 PM

hmm i think calling in a professional will be better, that house nearly survive 1 century already (not yet, but almost) so better let someone experience handle it as you want your house stays still right.

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Team Drywall in Carp
Date/Time5/14/2008 at 7:20:01 PM

Hi peter I am a professional plasterer and in my mind fixing the cracks with mesh tape and durabond are your best bet and least expensive.My mother's house is the same way.Once you replace with drywall you will be spoiled on the difference and the rest will not look as good , just trying to save you money .

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Tradesmen in Georgetown
Date/Time2/20/2009 at 4:58:13 PM

Hi Peter,

The simple and logic solution is to install fresh new sheets of drywall over it all and be done with it. I have done many of these old homes and its by far the best solution, these old homes are settled for the most part but as we all know the earth still shifts even after a hundred years. Good luck Peter.


Brad K. Ivany

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