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Contractor viewing drawings
What can I do after a plumber caused flood, ruining wood floors?

There was an issue in my apartment black - sludge was coming up in my sinks. Reported it to the building. They sent in a plumber that had to break some of my walls to find the problem. He left with out securing...

2 September 29, 2014
Construction hammer and nails
How to pinpoint a leak coming in through my roof?

Help! I have water coming through my roof and dripping in the living room. My home is a four level split with a very low pitch. We redid the shingles approx. 4 years ago. I have cut out some drywall on the...

2 October 1, 2014
Contractor Tool Belt
Is aluminum wiring in my home a fire hazard?

I would like to know what the best method is of minimizing the potential fire hazard of aluminum wiring in my home....

2 April 28, 2015
Contractor Tools
How to fix a repainted steel roof that has paint peeling off?

Three years ago I had a painting contractor repaint my steel roof that was 20 years old. The roof was pressured washed and let dry then sprayed with Delux Weatherguard paint, no primer used. Now the paint i...

4 November 8, 2014
Design Build Drawings
What type of brick work to choose on front facade?

I own a 1948 brick row house duplex in Montreal, Quebec. The front facade needs repairs. The sandy mortar is desintegrating; there are holes in areas mostly around the windows and door. The original joint w...

4 September 13, 2014
Cutting Wood
Why is exterior brick wet?

I have an above ground basement with dampness below the last layer of brick on one section of my outside brick. Also, we are noticing drippings of water under the that last brick layer on to the exposed con...

2 September 14, 2014
Contractor Build
How much to repair washer?

We have a Kenmore washer Model number is 110. 26682503. Type is 111, and serial number is CT1540191. It fills up but doesn't empty the washtub. Please let me know what the approx. cost for repair w...

1 August 12, 2014
Contractor using a table saw
What are contractors charing for renovations in Hamilton, Ontario?

I'm just expanding my business into rental renovations and wondering the best place(s) to find how to charge people. Only plan on working on rental properties. Mainly need the labor costs. The t...

1 August 15, 2014
Is there a good stain for pine in Canada?

Looking to stain some pine chairs for outside use in the summers. New untreated wood. I have come across recommendations for some US products but I need local options and not anything that needs to get shipped ...

1 August 8, 2014
Architectural drawings
What is causing water leak in basement ducts?

I am having problems with the duct work in the basement. I have a air-conditioner and furnace - both of which are working but have noticed water leaking in the basement from the pipes/ducts after we had a r...

2 July 26, 2014
Hammer and nails
What is causing concrete wall leak?

I have a separate entrance for my backyard and the concrete retaining wall has holes from which water continuously leaks. This is at the bottom of the stairs in front of the back entrance. I am not sure if this...

3 July 24, 2014
Can a small section of hardwood flooring be sanded and resealed?

Metal chair left a ring-shaped black mark on a small section of the hardwood flooring in the living room. Can that one section be sanded and resealed without redoing the entire living room?...

2 July 16, 2014
Tools for a contractor
What is the best semi transparent stain available in Canada for decks?

Most of the semi transparent borders more on the solid stain than semi transparent....

1 July 12, 2014
Carpenter Saw
How to stop sewer from constantly backing up?

Our drain in our basement backs up every few months, and we usually have to call in someone to snake the line. Snaking the line will last a few months & then it will back up again. What can we do to s...

3 July 24, 2014
Carpenter Cutting
How can I improve my weeping tile and sump system?

Our weeping tile system on the exterior of our house can not hold all the water. Our sump goes off every 3 minutes (480 times in 24 hrs). Water was collecting under our slab but that has been resolved w...

1 June 27, 2014
Contractor Measuring
Is it possible to repair a small chip in a porcelain tile?

We just had porcelain tiles installed recently and noticed a very small chip close to the end of the tile. Is it possible to fill it in? Thanks...

1 June 24, 2014
Architectural plans and tools
Which tradesperson is right for this job?

We have a small leak in the roof from a ceiling fan in the upstairs bathroom. Unfortunately it appears this was caused by the last renovator who is no longer in contact. The paint around the fan has peeled an...

2 May 27, 2014
Carpentry Tool
Do I need to make changes to plumbing lines?

My old shower lever has the cold on the left and hot on the right. I have a new Moen lever and it shows the hot is on the left. Do I need to make any changes? Is the pipes connecting the valve reverse&...

2 May 9, 2014
Architectural drawing and building tools
What is a reasonable rate for a Plumber in Mississauga, ON?

I would like to replace the main water valve coming into the house. It's in an awkward place and I'd rather get someone else to do it. Any idea on the cost in Mississauga?...

3 April 25, 2014
Trimming deck wood
Repairing drywall

Hi, So my question is: How would you repair an inside corner where there was roughly a 2x3ft hole cut out at the bottom on both walls? Thank you for your time!...

7 April 18, 2014