Sink Hole

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Posted by: from Toronto
6/27/2012 at 8:52:45 AM

Last year, while having roof shingles delivered, the delivery vehicle drove across my front yard. A sink hole occurred.

I need to have the sink hole investigated and wondered if there are firms in the GTA who are recommended for this type of problem.

I have been told that I need an engineer to properly assess this.

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Meridian Construction Inc. in Edmonton
Date/Time6/27/2012 at 10:30:20 AM

A good landscaping company will be able to fix this or you if your able. You will want to see if there is any utility lines under the hole (possible damage from when the hole was made). Then just fill the hole (if that is the only problem). Add grass seed or put down sod. If you lay sod make sure to roll the after the sod is down as well as after you put dirt in ( this will compact the dirt into the hole and with the sod help it to grow in to the new soil (no air pockets)).

It's not a huge job and could be done in an hour or so. If your whole yard is really uneven then I would take up all the grass with a sod cutter and lay down new top soil. spread it out and roll so it's even and maintains a slop for water run off. Then like before seed or lay sod over top of the rolled top soil. Depending on the yard a crew of 3 can re-sod a yard on about a day depending on the size.

Hope this helps,

Scott Anderson

Sales Rep.

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Date/Time6/27/2012 at 1:01:49 PM

If the hole is just from the trucks tires, then loosen the soil and fill it in, top with grass seed or sod. If you have a true sink hole, then the truck most likely damaged an underground water line.

Depending what type of line is damaged will determine who to call. Either the city for a water main, a plumber for the water line to your house, or a septic company, if you have a septic tank.

If the sink hole is from ground water, then you need an engineer to find the cause and solution. More then likely you need a plumbing contractor that does underground water lines to dig a hole and find the source of water.

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Date/Time6/27/2012 at 7:49:45 PM

Call a good landscaper first, if he feels it's problematic, then call a engeineer. Otherwise Your going to pay $300.00 for an engeineer Just for him to tell you to call a landscaper.

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