Squeaky Bath Tub

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Posted by: from Newmarket
5/10/2013 at 10:51:19 PM

A few months ago we did a complete bathroom reno including installing a new bath tub. We were careful to ensure it was sitting properly on the floor before we did the drywall and tiling.

During the process of drywalling and tiling, we were stepping in and out of the tub frequently and there were no squeaks. However, the customer says that whenever she steps into the tub (with or without water), it squeaks. We went back and sure enough it squeaks.

Any suggestions as to what might be causing this and how to remedy the problem?

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MOJ Contracting in Aurora
Date/Time5/11/2013 at 10:09:12 AM


We've noticed over the years that different tubs do this, due to their construction, the less expensive tubs (Maax, amer standard), tend to do this more often. I presume this is an acrylic tub. Depends on where the squeaking is coming from, if it seems to come from the wall area, then it is probably rubbing against the "drywall" along the drip edge, repair is redoing the tile surround making sure the wall board is not laying on the tub. If the sound is coming from below, you might be able to fill void with spay foam to add a buffer/support.

Good luck


MOJ Contracting

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Date/Time5/11/2013 at 7:25:33 PM

Thanks for the feedback Lionel.

It is an acryilic tub and is squeeking from below. Fortunately, there is an access hatch (we installed shut off valves for the shower) so I should be able to get some spray foam in there. Hopefully that will remedy the problem.


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Date/Time5/13/2013 at 3:59:04 PM

The squeek can be from a number of things, the sides of the tub rubbing against the cement board or drywall, etc. But the bottom line is that it squeeks because of movement.

Some tubs come with adjustable feet, or blockable/shimable feet, which unfortunately minimizing your options, but it is important that there is no movement at all.

A few tricks that we do:

Cut a piece of ply about 58 inches x 36. and place it over top of the tub, (you can also cut a small piece to cover the face (skirt) as well. This will ensure you don't drop a tile and chip the tub. It also means you dont have to be stepping into the tub during the rest of the reno. Getting polyurathane glue or other nasty stuff land on the tub.

Another trick is go get a bag or two of readymix, and mix it up in a bucket, pour it into a heavy gauge garbage bag, and put this wet bag under your bathtub when you are doing the install. (Place it bag up, so the air can get out, and the extra can sort of squish up the sides of the tub, but fold it so the concrete stays in the bag, and does not touch the tub). Place some buckets of water in the tub if you need some ballast to keep it snug.

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