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Posted by: from Toronto
5/24/2012 at 11:04:48 AM

We have a circa 1923 house that has saggy 2nd floor floors which we think are caused mainly from the removal of the supporting wall in the LR/DR who knows how long ago.

We have had a strucutral engineer in to say the main beam(s) in the basement need replacing and in order to level the 2nd floor floors we need to put another beam on the second floor.

My question is how can we find a contractor that can do that kind of work? how much are we looking at? are there any other options open to us?

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Pat in Calgary
Date/Time5/24/2012 at 1:41:15 PM

Hi Trish:

Did your structural engineer provide you with instructions and drawings on how this work is to be done?

You will need this information to provide to any licensed contractor who may want to under take the work on your house. Also before any of the work is covered up you will need to have the original structural engineer

Return and inspect the work to ensure it was done according to his instructions.


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Date/Time5/27/2012 at 12:19:17 AM

Hi Trish,

Look for a general contractor that has major renovation experience. They should be able to show evidence of taking roofs of, adding additions, reworking structural items and walls. You can look in Handy Canadian for general contractors.

Beams may be you only solution, but another option is to stiffen the floors by inserting engineered floor joist (I joists) along side the 2X10's that are there now. If you use beams they can be flush rather then drop. Hard to give you price guidance without seeing it.


Alair Homes & Renovations

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Date/Time6/1/2012 at 10:58:49 AM

I would agree with the other two posters about the negineering details and the Ability to GI e any pricing will be determined by the details. I would however like to add that flush mount beam will cost more as the amount of Labour involved is quite a bit more. Also I would look through the contractors here for reliable and qualified people. A general contractor will typically cost you a bit more as they will usually contract out the work.

I have worked with many people and I always tell them find someone who is qualified and has done the work you need done but make sure you also are comfortable with them. Of makes the process that much easier.

Good luck

Dan Timothy

Rhino Home Improvement


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