Telepoles are not plumb

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Posted by: from Calgary
9/8/2013 at 10:02:35 PM

Hey - looking at buying a home in Calgary and one thing that came up during property inspection was that the telepoles in the basement were not plumb, noticeably out of line by the naked eye.

The assessor saw no signs of any movement which would have caused this and I have since had a builder friend take a look and then had a carpenter quote to repair.

My concern is could it simply be a case of bad installation or could I be missing something / walking in to something bigger? There are almost 2-3" out! No cracking in concrete at the base or any other signs of movement. It has been suggested that perhaps they were knocked out when pouring floor though it is strange that both are out at opposite end of the main beam in the same slant and by about the same amount.

So my quote is for straightening the existing telepoles though was told that once we uncover the footing, if they are off the footing or the problem is the footing then a new one would have to be made.

So is that worst case or could there be something more sinister going on?


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Date/Time9/29/2013 at 7:45:55 PM

Good ole Calgary poor workmanship.

I come from PEI. Things are done to last. Calgary different story if buying a house. Most builders don't give 2 cents about a basement. They just throw stuff up how ever it works. If built in winter also and if the footings were in the wrong place they just off set them and carry on. I wouldn't say they shifted, usually a fair amount of load is on that system and you just can lean on it and move them.

I would need to see the situation in order to access it my self. I would say if the basement isn't developed and everything is still structurally sound, not much to worry about. If that is the only issue, consider it fairly simple.

Are the bottoms all lined up??? If so and it is just the top that is out.. sometimes you can put a temp post beside it. Take some of the weight, loosen the post and push over. Might be a little bit of force if a lot of cement was poured around the bottom... but usually done. Any other questions shoot me a msg.

Cheers and best of luck

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