Water in basement

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Posted by: from Hamilton
8/5/2017 at 2:50:51 PM


Looking for some advice on some issues I am having with this old house. First issue should be solved soon. Which is the eviction of the tenants that occupy the main floor and basement. They are out Aug 31 or the sheriff can come in the next few days which is on their eviction order. (its a duplex)

letters on first picture

A) water is coming into the basement at this side of the house. Cant fix anything till the tenants are gone because they have too much stuff down there The parging always cracks at that side of the house as water does pool there and the asphalt is sloping towards the house. I understand why this is happening as the water freezes the parging and cracks it every year.

B) the downspout goes right into the ground. It is probably plugged because I can see the downspout has a split in it. Probably happened when I had someone clean the eaves and he plugged it. I'd like to pull it out of the ground but I don't think there's anywhere I could put it without someone tripping on it going to the side door entrance.

C) my driveway has all kinds of sunken areas

D) I fixed those bottom two steps just with concrete. It has some type of restore it product I think and I'm wonder how the heck I can match that.

Iis just coming into the basement at that side of the house what can I do to fix all this? If I get my downspout issue looked after and tear up the asphalt and get new and have them slope it away from the house would that be ok? I would like to prevent it from sinking again like you can see in the picture. This was my first rental property. I inherited the tenants and the property has been a duplex forever and never received any love. I'd like that to change once the main level tenant gets evicted.

Water in basement
Water in basement
Water in basement
Water in basement
Water in basement
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Date/Time8/8/2017 at 2:29:54 AM

My advice to you is as follows. It is extremely important for you to get the water away from your house. How you will do this is to remove the downspout. Now you can go to a Home Depot or something similar to it wherever you are located. You need to get a system that goes towards either you're growed or grass or someplace away from the house. Before doing so you will also need to plug all of the previous holes in the ground. In the ground there's pipes and that has broke.

The next step is to get your house waterproof. This will not completely fix the issue but will buy you some time.

You need to stop all water from entering the side of your house. Usually we will have Expansion Joints on the sides of our walls where the asphalt meets the house. If you see a gap this is well needs to be filled. Anything that can have water trickling down the size of your house needs to be filled. Your weeping tiles are filled with sand most likely and plugged and not working properly. Therefore the drainage is not going to be working properly..

Personally my opinion is it is very badly engineered. It's not just your house it's many houses that have this issue. If you have a lot of trees or anything in your way that will as well cause issues. Look around your house and look for all signs of possible entry or problems. We need to remember that things cannot go uphill they can only stream down if you catch my drift.

I hope that this helps.


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Date/Time8/8/2017 at 2:35:00 AM

I just took a closer look at the pictures that you have provided as well show them to my husband. There is a lot deeper issue noticing that there is a fire hydrant on your property. You need to get the city to check that out immediately because that could be the cause of all your issues too much water it could be damaged in the pipes caused by the city's fire hydrant. Just to be on the safe side before spending a lot of money I would definitely get the city there prior to anyone coming to try to say that it's going to cost you all this money to fix. What could happen is the water could be dripping from the fire hydrants.

The water from the pipes can drip into the clay and have nowhere to go there for creating a foaming underneath your house which could be causing a lot of problems. Houses were built by Engineers that only could have so much water at a time they didn't put into equations all other aspects at these times. These are just my opinions I'm not a hundred percent because I'm not there to actually take a look at it myself.

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Date/Time8/8/2017 at 11:08:47 AM


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