What is causing uneven cottage?

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Posted by: from Colborne
3/26/2015 at 2:24:12 PM

One side of the cottage seems to have sunk after having someone raise the opposite side. What looked straight now is uneven.

Is this under foundation problems or just levelling a cottage?

It is up on blocks so it was jacked on the other side to level it out. Now it is out on the other side.

Any ideas and costs would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Daniel from Bow Reno in Calgary
Date/Time3/26/2015 at 3:16:53 PM


Typically when we lift homes or cottages we use cribbing (see picture attached) not blocks. Blocks don't usually provide enough surface area to prevent the building from sinking again.

Secondly, even if you are to only raise one section of the home to correct the level the whole home should be cribbed or it will start to sink at it's new weakest point.

From the sound of it, the work was done to only one side of the building and has now caused the other side to sink now that the weight has shifted.

Proper frost-free footings must be placed below the cribbing and then supported based on the framing of your house. If the framing isn't factored in, it can cause the floors and walls in your building to bow and warp damaging finishes inside and outside the home, even at times comprising the structure.

Cost is based on the size of the cottage, the conditions of the soil and accessibility (we've done cottages where material can only be brought in by boat). If your cottage is located 2 hours from the nearest supplier, etc. If you can upload or email a few pictures and the approximate size of the building I could give you a ballpark.

I hope that helps!

Daniel, BOW RENO

What is causing uneven cottage?
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Date/Time3/26/2015 at 3:17:17 PM


It sounds to me as if it is a simple matter of frost heaves. The ground underneath the blocking moves as a result of frost and the shifting of the ground. It isn't a major problem, just a headache. I would wait a little longer to make sure the ground is completely thawed (to about 4' deep) and then have some people re-level the cottage. Your friends & neighbours could do this. They need a couple of (or more) jacks and some wood to shim between the cottage and the blocks. Wse a long level and check the level on both lenght and width. You may not need too much adjusting. Do one cornerand side at a time. If this is beyond your capabilities, you might call a mobile home leveller.

Good luck,


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Brian from Next Restoration in Rockwood
Date/Time3/26/2015 at 9:19:55 PM

This sounds like a footing issue as well as frost heaving wait till May and adjust it then you may require new footing as well.

Good Luck

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