Why is exterior brick wet?

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Posted by: from Woodbridge
9/7/2014 at 4:01:07 PM

I have an above ground basement with dampness below the last layer of brick on one section of my outside brick. Also, we are noticing drippings of water under the that last brick layer on to the exposed concrete foundation. Just above this section, there is a wooden deck that is bolted to our brick wall without any flashing.

I had suspected this could be part of the problem, so I installed flashing directly where the deck meets the wall, but the problem persisted. I also checked all windows above this section and made sure all caulking is properly sealed.

The one thing I have not checked is the roof as it is three stories high.

I called a number of local contractors, but no one is interested in coming to investigate first hand. Instead, they just offer guesses over the phone. One contractor offered to replace my last two layers of brick and add weeping holes and flashing for $2,500. This was offered simply by exchanging notes and photos through email.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated, and if you need more information I will gladly answer any questions.

Thank you in advance.

Why is exterior brick wet?
Why is exterior brick wet?
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Date/Time9/10/2014 at 1:54:58 PM

First off by the look of the picture the weeping holes are plugged and not functioning. They are designed to let out any water that might get behind the brick. However you should not have water behind the brick in the first place.

You have a leak somewhere that is letting in water. Your correct in suspecting window, deck, roof etc. However the actual leak might be anywhere in and above that area. Remember water can travel sideways along the ledge behind the brick.

No one can give you a quote until the source is found, and no one is going to spend time investigating the problem for free. You'll have to find the source yourself or hire someone to find it.

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Date/Time9/14/2014 at 12:00:57 PM


From what I can see from the photo, I would have to say it is the window lintel.

I have run into this at clients homes as well as my own. I live in a new subdivision and the window installers had not installed or improperly install the material that the window lintel (stone or brick) must lay on.

When seeing this in clients homes, most often it is material the has deteriorated below the lintel. This is not say the water is not getting in further up the wall. But from what I see in the photo, I would start with removing the lintel on the window and checking the material below.

by the way, caulking does not stop the problem. So the caulking looking good does not have any effect on water seepage not being directed under the lintel and to the exterior face of the brick just below the window.

That is where I would start. Based on what I see in the photo. Now is there a window on the second floor above this one?

Hope that helps,

James Fram

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