How long will it take to sell?

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Posted by: from St. John's
5/27/2008 at 10:19:57 AM

I am about to sell my first property to move on to something a little bigger.

In all your experiences how long should i expect the selling process to take 'if' all goes well.

I understand it isnt the same for everyone but just a general guideline would be great.

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James in Toronto
Date/Time5/27/2008 at 12:45:19 PM

Congratulations on selling your property, and the upcoming move!

I have had properties sold and had the money in as little as 30 days. To hope for a shorter times usually isn't realistic. But to be fair, I have had issues selling properties (buyer financing, etc...) and been held in limbo for up to 6 months.

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Liow in Spruce Grove
Date/Time8/8/2008 at 3:59:36 PM

An average period will be about 3 months but it can vary from 1 to 6 months depending on market conditions and luck

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Abba's Service in Huntsville
Date/Time11/9/2008 at 1:12:42 PM

If the property is updated it should fast depending on your location.

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Tamburro Home Renovations in Courtice
Date/Time6/21/2009 at 7:56:31 PM

hi Michael i wish u were right , but u are not !!! my house is fully upgraded and i mean upgraded and my house hasn't sold yet after 1 year so it all depends as sometimes someone having too much is not always a good thing to buyers ,,,

Monya, Liow is right ... the market is high now so things should pick up b4 July starts ,,, i have had my own home up for sale last year and no bites and now its July 21 and this past month i have had 2 offers and over 17 showings and been in the market for only 2 weeks ... so now is the time to sell .... just hire a good agent ( no remax), sorry if u are an agent urself but be choosy on who u choose to sell ur house if not urself ... usually a good house sells within 3 months but it all depends on the market too and its quite good now ...

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Heather from Rooms in Bloom in Kitchener
Date/Time11/14/2011 at 11:12:08 AM

How fast you sell depends on a variety of factors - the price, condition/appearance of your property and the location.

How much you can list your home for depends on the market in your area and you have little control over this aspect of the sale.

The location of your home is something you have no control over - either buyers love the area or they don't.

The condition/appearance of your home is something a seller has *total* control over. From smart updates to professional showcasing, there are a lot of great tools at a seller's fingertips these days. Ensuring your home has the modern appeal buyers are searching for will ensure they see the VALUE in your home. Additionally, if your home has the necessary WOW factor, buyers will pay *your* price and they will be negotiable on location if they fall in love with your house.

Staged homes sell on average, 89% faster than unstaged homes. I recommend finding a staging professional in your area and booking a home staging consultation.


Heather Cook

Rooms in Bloom Home Staging & Design Inc.

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