Adding Additon In Place Of Our Carport

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Posted by: from Hamilton
11/20/2011 at 10:48:15 PM

We have decided to stay put, rather than move. Our plan is to replace our carport (11x16) with a family room (11x25). Our wish is to have a fireplace in this room, french doors to the backyard and a large front window just like our current ones in the existing house. We don't really want or need a basement in this area. A vaulted ceiling would be nice but not necessary. No plumbing is required.

To tie this all together we will re-wrap the house and possibly add a bottom third stone veneer. We have even discussed the additon of a small portico to add some architectural and functional uniqueness to the appearance of the house if its possible.

There are other things on the wish list like opening the kitchen to the living/dining areas by taking down a short, load bearing wall and replacing it with an Island (not sure if a post or structural beam is the direction we should go).

Of course part of the planning is having a few contractors look at the effort required etc. However, to start with I would really like to know what the typical middle of the road cost might be for the structural components of the job based on the sizes described. (Recognizing that we can add or subract the window, door and material variable costs to this general construction cost).

Can anyone help with where the cost might be so we can adjust our expectations on how much of the wish list might be done based on our budget?


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Date/Time11/21/2011 at 11:17:34 AM

The initial price range $150 to $250 sqf

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Paul from Paul's Contracting in Barrie
Date/Time12/3/2011 at 9:36:24 AM

Hi Rob,

Pricing is very subjective, and varies depending on the quality of materials, workmanship, whether a company is licensed / insured / with WSIB, is the work sub-contracted out, or completed in-house with staff, etc.

You would require a building permit so keep in mind the cost for the design and permit application fee's. Also need to verify with your building department your zoning, maximum building size permitted on your parcel of land, and how close you will be building to your property line(s). Check these things out first before you engage a contractor or design firm to make sure you can build what you want to build in your area.

There are many unknowns (electrical, plumbing, HVAC changes) but typically an addition is built between $95 -$150+ ft2. Siding and stone veneer should be priced separately from the addition and is very dependant on the product you select.

I recommend using this pricing method as a ball park for now to see if it is close to your expectations. Go visit the City and ask a few key questions like the ones above, then if you are comfortable with the answers call a company that can prepare and issue a drawing that is either produced by someone that has a BCIN # or is an Engineered for permit purposes. Once you have a drawing, contractors can provide estimates based off the same drawing so your comparison analyses will be easier to discern along the way.

Hope this helps!


Paul Counter


Paul's Contracting

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