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Posted by: from Milton
7/14/2012 at 12:56:40 PM

Thinking of DIY basement, but first off, I want to have the windows replaced to make it up to code to be able to add extra bedroom.

First question, what the windows size up to code? And of course, how much should I expect to spend to get them replace? I have three windows in total.

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Date/Time7/14/2012 at 2:38:59 PM

Hi Jumel

Basement enlargement windows is one of the things that we do. The first thing you need to see if you need to dig outside and build a well. If you nedd then you need to insert a pipe for drain down to the weeping tile. and at the top of the dig you fill with gravel after you insert the metal wall for the well to do this its about $1100 to $1500 each.

The size of the clear opening (the escape size) you need 0.39 square meter. iIn our sizes if the windows are slide and lift you need 42" wide by 24" hieght. If you do slide and tilt you need to go 46" wide by 24" hieght.

After cutting the hole in and out you need to install a steel lintel made from angled iron. Than you intall the windows (make sure its energy star ) and add jamb extention inside and close it with a casing.

As far as cost for it if you contract it outside it should be about $1200 to $1500 to finish it. Of course all prices are per each.


harry C.

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Date/Time7/16/2012 at 10:05:01 AM

A bedroom window must have a minimum unobstructed open portion area of 3.8 S.F with no dimension less than 15". If you need a window well to accomplish this then there must be a minimum of 21 5/8" clear in front of the window. The window sill must be 3'-3" above the finished floor.

If you need to sawcut concrete to make the opening larger and install a window well, then the cost could be as much as $2200.00. plus H.S.T. per opening.

Paul Justice


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