Best options to heat garage?

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Posted by: from Aurora
11/14/2014 at 9:30:34 AM

What are my options to heat my garage?

I was told that natural gas is unsafe and electric is not the way to go. Garage is fully insulated and 600 sq/f.

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Date/Time11/15/2014 at 9:30:46 PM


A couple of years ago I winterized a garage for a customer and it turned out really great.

An electrician installed two large ceiling fans and a 4000 watt electric heater on the wall.

After I insulated the walls, (they had good quality insulated garage doors too) it took about 15 minutes with the heater running and the ceiling fans turning (drawing the air up) and I was working in my t-shirt and it was -12 outside.

The heater would kick on now and then but the fans did a great job at circulating the warm air.

Please note that I had the attic insulated with a couple of inches of spray foam and then topped it up to R50 with batt.

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Date/Time11/16/2014 at 3:20:32 PM

Hi Mike,

I'm a licensed installer for over 40 years. A small furnace or unit heater will do just fine. Gas is less expensive than electric and it's extremely safe. Your home is probably heated with gas too. The only thing you should not do is use explosive materials in a closed area. This applies to all heat sources. Even electric elements can cause fire. Simply take the same precautions you would in your own home.

You can also use a closed exchange system which is a little more expensive. They work like a radiant heater without the external flame.

Hot water is also an option. Still your best bet is gas unit heater. That's what I would use for normal use.


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Date/Time11/16/2014 at 11:52:36 PM

Hi Mike,

Marcel's answer is correct. A gas unit is perfectly safe if installed properly. And gas cans and other items found in garages are stored outside. It does not hurt gasoline to sit outside the garage door during the winter when the unit will be running in the garage.

Keep flammable material away, just as you do for a gas furnace found in a basement of a home.

James Fram

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Mike in Aurora
Date/Time11/17/2014 at 7:41:45 AM

Thank you for all your information.

I was thinking of a shop gas furnace mounted high in the garage. What would roughly be the cost to install one in my garage?

The gas line coming into the house is right beside the garage also. What permits and inspectors would I need to come approve this?

HVAC and electrical sign off?

Also does the insurance go up with the addition of a closed exchange system?

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Jeffrey in Toronto
Date/Time1/21/2015 at 2:27:17 AM

The best option for you now will be to winterize the garage. It is the best thing that works during winters.

Check this article about the importance of winterizing:

You can either take it up as a DIY project or you can call in dome professionals for the work. Either way it will be good if you do it ASAP as the sooner you winterize the garage the better.

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