Cost for Demo & Rebuild

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Posted by: from Edmonton
1/4/2020 at 1:12:11 PM

Lately I have been considering tearing down my home, garage and rebuilding.

The home is 877sq/ft and the garage is around 12'x16'. The home was built in 1921 and I do know that there are asbestos tiles in the laundry room in the basement (that space is 6'x8') is it worth it?

It's in the Old Strathcona area close to Whyte ave. I love the area but the house is just getting too small for my family. I don't need an exact price just a ballpark range for what demo costs might be?

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Date/Time1/4/2020 at 5:54:13 PM

Don't like giving ballparks however since it's demo only I would assume it would cost approximately $20,000

It's always worth it if you like the area you live in. Especially with Calgary's economy and house market it makes more sense to keep it and build them to buy new in my opinion. Thank you Jeff with All-In Renovation 403-554-7029

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Date/Time1/5/2020 at 10:26:36 AM

Hi Jennifer,

It's tough for anyone to give a ball park without seeing the site / site layout for accessibly, and to determine any obstacles that may impede the rate of progress.

If there's asbestos tile, there could be asbestos content in the plaster, asbestos wrap on all ducting, asbestos fibres in the concrete floor / foundation (used to "strengthen" mixes at that time), and asbestos insulation in the attic. These variable will definitely affect the cost.

All of these area need to be checked / tested by the appropriate professionals.

Best of luck.....

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Date/Time1/5/2020 at 8:42:09 PM


I see no reason for tearing down the home and rebuilding.

You can get a nice addition and a complete main floor redo for around $400k.

A new home is going for about $300 per sq. ft.

The asbestos is not a major issue, so long as no one cuts into it and breathes the dust.

Suggest you find a decent design/build renovator to talk about practical solutions.



Cost for Demo & Rebuild
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Justin in Hillcrest Mines
Date/Time1/15/2020 at 10:58:35 AM

Any major reno or demo require you to produce an asbestos report as part of your permit application. If there is any asbestos in the property it must be removed for demo or reno. This is an OH&S requirement. If the only area that contains asbestos is the flooring you stated, it is not major abatement process and can be completed quite affordably.

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