Cost of a 3 car garage

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Posted by: from Caledon
9/2/2012 at 3:40:39 AM

What will be the approximate cost per sq foot to build a 3 car garage with steel roof -- 36x28 in the Caledon, Ontario region.

Can I get some feedback on getting a garage kit from Home Hardware and getting a contractor to do the completion.

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Date/Time9/5/2012 at 8:01:45 PM

The "kits" from home hardware is just a material list that they fill out from the lumber yard. Everything has to be cut, just as normal construction. The biggest benifit is that they come with plans that you can submit to the city, saving you time and money. The kits have most of the materials needed, but not everything.

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Date/Time9/17/2012 at 1:26:38 PM

Home Hardware Kits are a great concept. They give you an idea of all the materials you may need, and could be built by you and some friends on the weekend, its not hard to find a friend who knows a framer that would be willing to help slap it together.

As a Contractor, I would not purchase one or suggest it to a customer. It is just as easy to order the materials and build. Drawings for a garage are quick, straight forward and most of the drawings/ TJI, Truss, beams, would be done by the lumber store anyways. Its a great marketing tool for them, and thats about it.

Another thing to mention is the garage doors, If they are included. Getting them installed would be a decent fee. If you ordered 3 garage doors from a instalation company, supply and install, there would be significant cost savings there that could be missed out on. There are alot of advantages to hiring a contractor/ Project manager, who can work for your interest and use his/ her skills to show you how to save.

You do not typically get quality materials, garage doors, windows, man doors, siding, roofing, They are all low end and upgrades add up fast. Getting replacement parts or fixing shipping errors are a hassel. And add to the cost. Would be classified as an 'extra' for most contractors to supply/ install insufficiant materials, and unforseen costs. Which you would also pay for. A contractor who supplies and installs all materials is responsible for those costs.

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Date/Time9/18/2012 at 11:43:41 AM

Hi Norbert,

I saw your job posting, and then i saw you question of how much? We've built many garages, we actually use to built them for Rona installation services, Rona wanted a 20% service charge, so clients would never go with them.

A basic, stand alone complete garage would cost you $60 per sqft and up. Now a days, clients arent looking for garages but more of man caves, we work closes with the clients needs to address all requests they mave have.




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