Cost of Foundation Weeping Tile Installation from Inside of House.

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Posted by: from Etobicoke
2/25/2019 at 8:28:55 PM

We have been looking at purchasing a house in Toronto in that has water problems in the basement. The outside walls I think are too close to the neighbors to dig on the outside of the house to install new weepers. While I realise that some of the water coming into the house may solved by grading the exterior to allow the water to flow away, I am interested in getting some idea of cost to install weepers on the inside of the house. The house width is around 16ft wide, and the length of the house is around 30ft. The basement ceiling around 6ft with the basement floor around 4ft below ground level. I realize that an exact price cannot be obtained with this limited info, but it would be helpful to know the kind of range in cost I'd be looking at.

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Alexandru from Averax Group in Toronto
Date/Time2/25/2019 at 10:09:00 PM

Good evening,

The cost of interior waterproofing is calculated by linear feet. To waterproof your house is going to cost 9000$. City of Toronto will rebate 1750$ for installation of the sump pump. That brings the cost down to 7250$. Grading is not going to help a lot and can be done only after waterproofing. (Just to reduce the amount of water that goes towards the foundation wall)

If your basement is 6ft. I will suggest you to underpin it to get 8 feet ceilings. Underpinnig includes interior waterproofing and for your house might cost around 35000$ to 45000$.

Best regards,


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Date/Time2/26/2019 at 8:43:05 AM

Hello David, my name is Wayne Nesbeth of H2O Services Corporation. As per your post we would need to see the property in question, however based on your description the ballpark pricing would be $9500.00 to excavate and lay internal weep tile to a sump pit. We specialize in backwater valves and sump pump systems. The city of Toronto is offering up to $3400.00 in subsidies to install flood prevention devices.

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Date/Time2/26/2019 at 9:07:06 AM

Hi David, thanks for asking a good question. In terms of interior waterproofing your looking at around $60-70 per liner foot of your basement if its unfinished and has no drywall or studs. if its finished basement then demo of needed walls and flooring with take place as well, for this kind of job your price range is about $100 per liner foot including demolition and disposal. given the dimensions you provided the cost would be $5640-$6580 for unfinished basement and $9400.00 for finished basement that needs demo.

Also as your are doing interior waterproofing you would need to install a sump pump. I provide Liberty 237 sump pump with Liberty sealed pit. discharge to outside. cost around $2200.00

This job will also qualify for a City of Toronto rebate of $1750.00 for Sump pump and Severance capping rebate of $400.00. Total Rebate $2150.00


Edgar K.

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