Drywall fix

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Posted by: from Edmonton
8/16/2012 at 5:15:06 PM

We have a bedroom with a wall that looks wrinkled around the window. I'm not sure if someone did a poor job taping and mudding after the windows were installed (before we bought the house) or if later, someone did something strange with plaster, or what happened. I think the wall is apprimately 8 ft x 8 ft.

Any idea what it would take to fix? Ball park how much to fix?

I posted a project with a couple close up pictures, but I haven't received any quotes or responses.

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Armstrong Painters in Edmonton
Date/Time8/16/2012 at 7:14:12 PM

Hey there. My name is Michelle and im from armstrong painters.

Sounds to me like someone did a really poor job on the tape and mudding process and then to add insult to injury....painted over it. The good news is it shouldnt be too hard of a fix . It will have to be chipped mudded and sanded down before repainting.

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Date/Time8/16/2012 at 8:40:18 PM

Either they did a bad job or you have water entering the house around that area. They look the same sometimes. You really need to find out if it is caused by water first.

Ball park cost should be around $200, ready for you to paint. It all depends on who you hire and how many coats of compound are needed, each coat takes a day to dry, so multiple trips to your house are required.

You might not have gotten a response because it is a small job, or they are just to busy. Most of us slow down in Dec and Jan, you might need to wait until then. It's more important to get someone good than ot get it done quickly

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Date/Time8/16/2012 at 11:08:08 PM


It sounds like water damage. Either done before or after the drywall was put in place. It could simple be water leakage from the window, frost on the inside, leak, or other possible issues.

Best fix is to replace the section of drywall and keep an aye on the area of concern.

Cost ... drywall is about $12 a sheet but to have someone do the repair is about $200 plus.

Not a big job but time is the factor. Sorry.

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Crystal in Edmonton
Date/Time8/17/2012 at 12:06:39 AM

Thanks for the replies everyone!

If it were water, would this be something our home inspector should have caught? It's been like this since we bought the house (in 2009) with no changes.... Are the chances still high that it is water?

I was hoping to do this sooner rather than later, but if it's a busy contractor season I guess that won't happen and I'm not confident in my ability to do this myself (I'm sure it's not super tricky if you know how).

I've managed to attach a picture this time around, my iPad wouldn't do that earlier.

Drywall fix
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Spencer from All Home Repair in St Thomas
Date/Time8/19/2012 at 10:02:35 AM

Hmmm, the picture sure looks like a bad (very bad) drywall finishing job.

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Lisa from Enviro Painting in Kitchener
Date/Time8/22/2012 at 9:45:23 AM

How old are the windows? It sounds like your window is probably in need of replacing. You are probably getting water or moisture coming in. If this is the case then once the window is replaced then you could call in a painter to fix the area (put in new drywall, patch and sand) and then prime and paint.. Some painting company's do not do drywall repair so you would have to check with the individual companies. Our company does do drywall repair. The other option would be to get a drywaller to fix the area and then call in the painter.

The cost would depend on how much of the wall needs to be cut out and if it is only on one side of the window or all the sides as moisture could have damaged the wall along the top also or the other side etc.

This would require replacing the wall in those areas too. If there are any dark areas they should be treated with a mold treatment or just replaced (studs, outer wall). There are environmentally friendly mold treatment that work just as well. The insulation in the surrounding areas need replacing if effected. Down that has been affected It would be good to call the company to take a look as many provide free estimates.

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Stephen from Bryers Contracting in Edmonton
Date/Time8/22/2012 at 10:07:43 AM

I would honestly just remove the drywall around the window and replace it, should only take 2 days of labour for mud to dry then repaint plus the cost of material.

The reason its wrinkling can be any of the examples you gave plus it may even just be from weather. Moisture around the window, or the outside around the window was not sealed properly and moisture is getting inside which could be causing more problems.

if you go with removal and install it will give the opportunity to look inside and see what the problem is or was and allow you to stop it from happening again. if it was just a poor job to begin with, well then you still come out with a better job regardless.

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Crystal in Edmonton
Date/Time8/22/2012 at 11:56:44 AM

I think the windows are from early 2000, I want to say 2003ish. It's looked like this since the house was purchased in 2009 and while I trust that it could be water/moisture damage I also feel like there would have been some change in the 3 years we've had the house.

If it is moisture, would a painting company that also fixes drywall know what to do? Or would they take out the drywall, see the moisture, back up and then I have to find someone else to fix it?

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