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Posted by: from Penticton
2/16/2012 at 5:18:03 PM

My family and I are building a new home and wondering what the cost would be to install the following items.

Install 8.25 pre-finished fibre cement siding. 2300 SQFT

Install 5/4 x 4 smart trims for 17 corners and 25 windows

Install aluminium soffit and fascia 280ft

Painting of all smart trims.

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Date/Time2/16/2012 at 6:35:15 PM

Hi Owen:

I am too far away to help you with the quote. However, I have constructed a number of homes with this Hardie product (prefinished is a 15 year warranty). For the corners, I would suggest 2 x 6 combed fascia and mitre the corners at 45 degrees. You assemble the corners prior to installing and this ensures a nice tight fit on the corners. Aslo, 1 x 4 combed fascias for the window surrounds, and I surround the doors with 2 x 6 combed fascia, and sometimes I will use a highlight 1 x 4 surround to give a dimensional presence. For your gable ends, may I suggest 2 x 8 combed fascia with a 1 x 4 accent. We prepaint all of the trims with 2 coats (all sides) of top line Benjamin Moore 100 % acrylic before installing them, and then a third coat once they are up. This is in addition to the base primer coat. You will see that we use mid and belly bands. The choice of gable trim is yours but we have used both board and batten of cedar, or you can get preassembled shakes for the gables. You also can take the Hardi board to the gables if you wish. A difference in accents. Note: make sure that you precut the edges of the 2 x material and build out the 1 by material so that the planking can be ap-plied under so that the edge is not visible and it saves a lot of caulking time.

For the soffitt, I would recommend vinyl as it is dent resistant. You may have something come into contact with the soffitt or have to remove a panel for some reason, and the aluminum will crease, whereas the vinyl is resistant.

When getting quotes, a soffitt and gutter person doesn't always install siding. When installing siding, a lot of companies just butt the siding up which is fine. However, they must put a product beneath the joint. A lot of companies just use black tarpaper which is OK, but we get custom colour keyed flashing strips to put under the joints. That way, if there is any separation due to shrinkage, then it will not be as noticable.

For your downspouts, ask you gutter installer for cleanouts on the downspouts. They are about $25 per downspout installed and the needles etc wash down the spout, but do not enter the piping. The cleanouts have a flap and screen system, and will save you a lot of time on a ladder cleaning out the gutter downspout holes.

Good Luck.


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Owen in Penticton
Date/Time2/16/2012 at 7:33:21 PM

Thank you Chuck for all the great and useful info. What would be your rough estimated cost to do a job like this, nothing to extravagant but nice?

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Date/Time2/18/2012 at 9:14:09 AM

Chuck did an excellent job of highlighting the proper way to install hardie products. A lot of folks do not like working with Hardie and it is important to find someone who has worked with the product and go see his work. As Chuck states, it is difficult to determine what the rates are for your specific area unless you are working in this area. However, I estimate between $6.00 to $10.00 psf for hardie installation depending upon the site conditions, amount of detail, heights etc.

It is best to have someone local with experience to provide you with information. Also, from my experience, the average cost to install soffit, fascia and eavesthrough is approximately $2300.00 to $3000.00 again depending upon site conditions, lf, number of downspouts, configuration etc. A more accurate estimate would be provided by someone local to your area.


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