How much for insulation, drywall, painting, floors?

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Posted by: from Vancouver
1/3/2015 at 2:40:16 AM

Hi pros,

My house has already been gutted, so no floors and drywall and insulation left and I'm trying to calculate my interior renovation budget. The house is 6000 ft, 13 ft ceiling. What is labour cost for:

- insulation (at the moment the insulation is removed)

- new drywall installation, mudding, tapping

- painting

- flooring (no leveling needed, simple laminate, nothing fancy)

- tiling for kitchen and bathroom floors (nothing fancy as well)

I'm in Vancouver, BC area, all the materials are extra.

I'm not hiring at this time. I'm only trying to calculate just labour, please help!

Thank you!

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Mark in Alberta Beach
Date/Time1/3/2015 at 12:17:43 PM

The costs vary so much that I would suggest inviting some local contractors in for estimating purposes. Often if you use one contractor for all the items you have indicated, you will receive an overall break on the total cost. Insulation will vary depending on the type (Batt, solid foam, spray-in, blown) and the degree of difficulty to install. Drywall is all over the place but a "ball park" figure is roughly $40 per 4x8 sheet. (includes material, installation and mud. Painting, again depends on the degree of difficulty, number of coats, type of paint, colour,, etc. The flooring can range as well. the type of laminate can vary in thickness but also is it continuous throughout the house or separate rooms?

For better estimating purposes, might I suggest you refine the concerns. Such as, linear footage of all walls to be drywalled, stairs, one level or more, access to all areas, flooring "brand name", and as much detail as possible. I certainly helps. In some cases your local Home Depot or similar retail outlet, can provide some of the information that you are asking.They sub contract much of the work, but again, get several estimates. One piece of advice. ... don't go over board with estimates! get two or three but of you get five or more, it just becomes confusing. Also, ensure all the estimates are comparing exactly the same thing.

Hope this provides a little help for your situation. Good luck with the project.


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Date/Time1/13/2015 at 5:13:48 PM

I think Mark is wrong on prices. Drywall, tape and mud is more than $40.00 per. 4X8 sheet of drywall.

In Ontario painting is $1.50 per. sq. ft. of area being painted not including baseboards, door & window trim are an added cost.

You say your house is 6000 sq. ft. but how many sq. ft. of walls & ceilings are in your house, that would have to be measured and added up to come up with the sq. ft. of area to be painted. An average size house of 3000 sq. ft. will cost about 6-7 K to paint on the inside.


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