I would like an estimate for a couple of projects

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Posted by: from Oshawa
2/12/2012 at 4:49:33 PM

My husband and I bought our house in May of 2010. We live in a two bedroom (small rooms) bungalow, that was built in the 1960s. We need to finish are basement, with 2 rooms and put a bathroom down there. We also need to renovate are kitchen completely, all floors must be redone ( ceramic tiles and hardwood floors). We also need a new roof and new windows and most importantly we are having a problem with mold coming throw the walls.

We need to know how much it will be to fix all this. We want to start working on it this summer preferably all at once, but we need to have an estimate.

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Date/Time2/12/2012 at 8:30:29 PM

Hi Nicole, sounds like you have a lot of work in your future. It almost sounds like you want to gut and re do your entire house. You should sort it out by "wants" and "needs". You should do the "needs" list first.

Your list included roofing, windows, and mold coming through the walls - these are all water penetration issues and must be corrected before you do any interior upgrades to your house. I would put these at the top of the "needs" list. You definitely do not want to do anything inside until your house is water tight. This may include digging up the foundation to water proof it as well if you want to finish the basement.

Based on the scope of the projects, and the timelines you are looking for, you should also plan on moving out for the duration - there will be work in every corner of the house.

I am a professional handyman and would not take on a project of this size but I would estimate for budgeting purposes that you will easily be over $100,000 and should probably budget a "contingency" of 50% of that. You are going to discover all sorts of surprises in a 1960's house that you are going to have to deal with.

You may want to consider a serious home inspection including an IR camera look, as well as an energy audit with a blower door test. This will help to identify any major problems with the structure and building envelope that need to be addressed before any interior work starts. You would have a lot more info for contractors to work with, and it would help make the estimates "apples to apples".

If you are serious about this, you should put your requirements in the "post your projects" section and get some local contractors to respond.

Good Luck with it!

Jim Kuzma

Kettleby Handyman Services

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Date/Time2/14/2012 at 1:51:32 PM

Hi Nicole.

It would be best to first sort out your priorities in terms of work that you would like done. I would then post them here on with as much detail as you can. Depending upon the nature of the project and the amount of detail provided (pictures are always usefull) on-line preliminary estimates can be provided. However, in most cases a site visit would have to be arranged in order for someone to provide a detailed scope of work and accurate estimate.

Good luck

Kingsway Construction Inc

Glenn Rosborough

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Date/Time2/14/2012 at 4:46:35 PM


The good new is that homes built in the 1960s are generally structurally sound so you've got a good foundation to build on. You've got an extensive amount of work to be done, and Jim Kuzma is right on with the budget for your renovation, including a healthy contingency for the mould issue.

Recently we completed a full renovation of a 1960s bungalow, approx 1000 SF in size. We removed everything inside, down to the bare exterior walls, and completely rebuilt the inside, including new electrical, plumbing and heating, insulation, drywall and all fixtures and finishing for both the main floor and the basement. Outside: new roof, aluminum and windows/doors. Total cost in the range of $160K. Definitely more extensive what than you're planning to do, but confirms Jim's budget number.

All the best with your project.

Lou Orazem


Inspire Homes Inc.

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