Mold removal

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Posted by: from New Westminster
7/27/2012 at 1:40:31 PM

Small patch of black mold behind the old freezer, had it removed.

Can we do it ourselves. Money is short. Is this really expensive?

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Beatrice from Bio Solutions Inc in Coquitlam
Date/Time7/27/2012 at 3:36:06 PM

A small section of mould is manageable. There are considerations though that need to take place, such as proper personal protective equipment (i.e. mask, gloves), why the mould is there in the first place so it does not return, and how bad the mould is.

Indoor air quality can actually worsen when drywall is removed without due care. The spores release, disseminate, and spread through the home.

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Date/Time7/27/2012 at 4:06:18 PM

Small areas of mould (less than a square metre) can be cleaned inexpensively.

Please use the proper precautions. You'll have to determine and correct the reason the mould started to grow (e.g. plumbing leak, condensation, lack of ventilation) so that the problem doesn't re-occur.

CMHC has a brochure called "Fighting Mold - The Homeowner's Guide" which you can refer too.

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Syed Painting & Handyman Services in Brampton
Date/Time7/27/2012 at 8:01:24 PM

Let it dry and clean it carefully. Make sure to use glove and face mask. Buy a mould spray bottel from homedepot or rona ($12) spray on the mould according to the directions on the bottle. This spray kills the mould and stops it from regrowing. Also make check what caused the moisture that led to mould.


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Gaby from Amg Renovation in Hearst
Date/Time8/9/2012 at 9:22:55 AM


As a professional Carpenter and Inspector I wouldn't suggest that you do it just for a safety reason, specially if there's kids around, contact your local contractor to see what the problem is and maybe its a insurance claim? it would be safe and nice and all new for you and no problems with money, (If you have Insurance of course) anyway if there's allot of mould don't it would cost you more, health hospital, meds that's of course at the worst part but don't take chances to save a few bucks make it right, right away,

I lost a friend with that situation, (Diabetes, asma and mould literally killed him) don't make the same mistakes, hire professional

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Date/Time8/10/2012 at 8:20:32 PM

If you are going to take it out yourself due to shortage of funds than YES proper PPE is required along with proper containment to stop the spread of spores and if toxic then the possiblitlity of dangerous mycotoxins and ultimatly not remediated right could cause greater problems in the future due to spread of the air born contaminants so if you are not sure you can correctly remove the mold and discard the contaminated materials properly then.

Since the job seems somewhat small from what i have read and if on drywall isnt much worse on the other side then call a professional because spending a little now could save you alot later down the road, not to mention the health issue that come with toxic mold.

James Robertson

Certified- Mold Assessment Specialists / Mold Remediaton Contractor

EnviroTech Mold Remediation

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Courtney in Los Angeles
Date/Time3/8/2013 at 5:23:36 AM

Mold on your wall could be nothing, but it could also be an indication of a bigger issue in the walls. Luckily, with a personal loan, you can afford to have somebody come out, look at the mildew and get rid of it. It is worth the cost, and you should do it right away. Fixing a problem is always better when you can do it right away. Get the mildew circumstance looked.

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