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Posted by: from Georgetown
2/8/2012 at 4:07:03 PM

Hello, I searched the forum and couldn't see a thread on this so if there is please point me to it.

My wife and I bought a bungalow recently , there is a wall separating the hall/kitchen from the front to rear of the home and a wall separating the living/dining rooms about half way from front to rear. Wondering how expensive it would be to have all three walls removed, if it is possible without a supporting post, with flush beams so the whole area has a level ceiling?

I hate to bother with the question, do realize that structural engineering will be required but am trying to get an idea of costs so that I can plan the limited renovation budget.

Thanks in advance for any input you may have with this.


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Date/Time2/8/2012 at 5:50:22 PM

Anything is possible, it depends if it's worth it to you. You really need to have someone take a look for you, to give you an exact cost, you will be in the thousands anyway. If your bungalow is newer and has roof trusses in the attic instead of rafters as in older homes. More than likely most of your walls are not load bearing and can be removed quite easily. You have to keep in mind that repairing floors and ceilings will be a big part of the costs.

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Date/Time2/8/2012 at 7:08:46 PM

Hi Scott,

We have completed many structual beam installations, we provide all necessary engineering, and verification of beam installation. Everything you need for resale purposes, including drywall and priming of the walls for an all inclusive project that requires post pad reconstruction, the prices varies from $750 to 1k per foot inclusive of all time and material, and engineering

Hope this has been helpfull


joe quartarone

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Scott in Georgetown
Date/Time2/8/2012 at 8:04:26 PM

Hey guys,

Thanks for the quick information. Very much appreciated.

@James: It is a newer (93') construction, It does have roof trusses in the attic. As we don't get possession for a couple of months yet, and during the inspection, i didn't get as much time as I wanted to snoop around for that info. My bad, I know. And you are correct that I should get somebody in to have a look at it for a definitive answer, and will, just trying to plan out approx. cost for the project , and see if the piggy bank has enough in it for everything that needs done, which already includes the floors and ceilings so that is why I was thinking now would be a good time to open it up, if we could swing it.

@Joe, thanks again, 750-1000 per foot finished. That price would likely make it unattainable for us within our budget, but appreciate the bad news, but I guess, per James, I should find out if I am in need of a structural beam first before I start ruling out the option.

Thanks again guys!


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Date/Time2/8/2012 at 9:08:00 PM

They don't sound structural and if thats the case, complete ballpark figure would be 1000-2000 per wall and that mostly depends on the work needed for the ceiling and floor repairs so they blend each room together.

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