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Bathroom renovation

What cost to renovate 8x4.5' bathroom. Needs walk in shower, new toilet, sink and vanity with drawers. ...

Number of Responses 8 Date of Last Post March 29, 2018
Gut and open up first floor of semi detached home in Toronto (Humewood area).

Hello, Looking at purchasing a semi-detached home and we would need to gut the first floor. We would want to open it up to become more open concept, redo the kitchen and move it to the outside wall ...

Number of Responses 10 Date of Last Post March 28, 2018
Cost to install a wood fence in Oshawa

Looking to have a fence installed in Oshawa. 6x6 Posts 120 ft of 6 ft Privacy with 2 gates Removal of an old chain link/wood fence (120ft) What's a reasonable cost for the above to be ...

Number of Responses 3 Date of Last Post April 8, 2018
What is the ballpark cost to add a stairway from the garage down to the basement?

What are the ballpark costs and considerations to excavate the cement floor of my attached residential garage to add a stairway into the basement? My original blueprints included this stairway, but I gu...

Number of Responses 5 Date of Last Post March 25, 2018
Adding basement walk-up entrance

What will it cost to add a basement walk-up entrance? I realize there is additional risk of flooding, but assuming proper draining will be put in, and I'm OK with the risk, what would the ov...

Number of Responses 8 Date of Last Post March 24, 2018
Re-siding house in Vancouver B.C area

What would a ball park figure be to do the vinyl siding on a house? Here are some details - House is 2 levels 950 SF top and 950 SF Bottom - Has (9) windows, (2) sets of French doors ...

Number of Responses 4 Date of Last Post July 12, 2018
Ball park figure to build a 20 x 20 Garage in Langley

What is a ballpark figure to build a 20x20 garage? - Permits, drawings - Footings, Foundation - 2 x 6 Construction - Vinyl Siding - Fiberglass Shingles - Insulation and drywall - Approx 6 pl...

Number of Responses 2 Date of Last Post March 15, 2018
Cost to remove porch concrete forms on cold cellar ceiling

Hi, my house is about 12 years old and the plywood/2x4/2x6 was never removed by the 1st owners. Everything looks dry except for one area below what was a crack in the porch, which was subsequ...

Number of Responses 0 Date of Last Post March 14, 2018
Cost of flooring install

Hi looking to have vinyl plank and carpet installed in my home, wondering how much this will cost? approximately 1400 sq/ft bilevel. All material will be provided for install....

Number of Responses 7 Date of Last Post March 16, 2018
Cost of installing utility sink

I want to install a utility sink in the basement. All pipes are easily accessible. Approximately how much should a job like that cost labour only. Thanks ...

Number of Responses 5 Date of Last Post March 3, 2018
interior designer for new home build

We are in the process of planning a 5000 sq/ft home in the GTA. What can we expect to pay for an interior designer for a project of this size?...

Number of Responses 4 Date of Last Post February 26, 2018
Cost to repair 600 sq ft finished basement

I am looking at updating my insurance policy for my duplex. They have a flooding damage repair cost of $25,000 in the policy. So would this be enough to repair a finished basement that is around 600 sq...

Number of Responses 6 Date of Last Post February 25, 2018
Very wet basement

I am looking at buying a house. I have found one i like but it has a very wet basement. I know i could waterproof the house from the outside however i am concerned when neighbors have said the basement has...

Number of Responses 3 Date of Last Post February 21, 2018
How much would an 800 sq ft basement cost to finish?

Simple layout. 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom, laundry room And/Or with kitchen and office under stairs. This is a 2012 home ...

Number of Responses 13 Date of Last Post February 17, 2018
Possible for home addition with ceilings high enough to install loft at a later date?

We would prefer to have ceilings high enough to do an attic/loft sitting area but not right now. Would we be charged for both levels at the construction stage? Any advise would be most appreciated....

Number of Responses 5 Date of Last Post October 17, 2015
Rough cost of 10x10' 2 storey addition in GTA

Looking for ballpark cost of 2 storey addition to back of square 1.5 storey house with front-back roof slope. Approx 10x10' interior, den over bedroom expansion. No basement required....

Number of Responses 2 Date of Last Post September 24, 2015
Rough cost of 14x32 addition in Victoria?

What I'm looking to do is add a 14x32 addition onto the back of my existing 2 storey, above-grade home, and looking for a rough idea of cost. Upstairs would be a 14x32 open family room with a gas...

Number of Responses 4 Date of Last Post January 27, 2016
Cost to hire sub-contractors for new home?

I am looking to buy a 3049 sq ft single house in Richmond. I am thinking to be a home owner/builder and hire contractors. I would like to know how much each part would cost. Roofing, framing, con...

Number of Responses 4 Date of Last Post July 31, 2017
What is average cost for building a fence?

85 feet long, pressure treated wood, 4x4 posts. Existing fence would need to be torn down. New holes required for posts. Only looking for average cost for now. Thanks...

Number of Responses 28 Date of Last Post May 10, 2018
Cost to put up drywall and plaster?

We have an unfinished basement that is ready for drywall. Our home is approximately 1500 sq ft. Ball park idea of what it would cost to put up drywall and plaster? The basement has 3 rooms. The laundr...

Number of Responses 4 Date of Last Post February 18, 2016

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