What's the cost to find and replace pipes that burst from freezing?

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Posted by: from Toronto
1/18/2014 at 12:31:41 PM

How much does it cost to find and replace sections of pipe when they have burst from freezing?

I had 7 sections of pipe freeze in my basement when the door was left open accidentally and I'm wondering whether the cost to fix it was fair. The bursts were all located behind walls and under counters.

What's a ballpark cost for something like that? It took a day and a half to fix.


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Date/Time1/18/2014 at 2:47:18 PM

This is a hard question to answer! A service call like this would usually run by the hour, and though a day and a half seems like a lot it really depends on what they had to do to get at the leaks, how bad the leaks were and how long it took to find all of them.

A day and a half at service rates can run you from 800 to 1400 depending on the company and 100-300 in materials.

That is just an educated guess mind you because it could have been fixed multiple different ways!

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Date/Time1/18/2014 at 4:23:58 PM

I wouldn't even attempt to give a ballpark figure sight unseen on such a project. Far too many variables. What you should have done was gotten more than one quote before hiring a contractor and you would have known weather a price was fair and reasonable before getting the work done. All you are doing now is seeing how badly you got burned. Hopefully your contractor was an honest one.

Frank Pereira

Castle Renovations

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Date/Time1/18/2014 at 11:14:25 PM

First off what about the leaks that may not have fully blown yet but joints that remain in a weaken'd state may rupture in the future after say a head rush water bang on the system.

Ball park a fair days work at $500 and that really doesn't cover insurance, overhead, gas, pension payment (what's that haha), CCP payment, WSIB permimum of 9%.

Oh and the big one every homeowner forgets "The value of knowing how to do the job right and having the ability and skills to carry that out".

For your job ball park under $2000.00 and you should rest easy for not paying to much.

By the way this should have been covered by your home house insurance ..... except for the deductible.

Material wise anywhere from $150 to $300. Not sure if you have copper or pex lines.

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Date/Time3/13/2014 at 6:47:19 PM

As what you have explained if it took 1 1/2 day so 12 hours x 60 is 720 now if he charges for 2 days as rest of the day is gone even then it comes to 960 and material cost depends on what it was and how complex, get it from Big box and pay for as per actual or the receipt provided.

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