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A gaming room is a room you are going to spend your spare time in with the people you love, so wouldn't you like it to fit all of your needs?  Before you launch into the project, consider what you want from your game room.

  • Some rooms in houses are hard to accommodate big items, such as a pool table or big screen TV. Talk to a contractor to figure out how to situate items so there are no tight spaces or awkward configurations. This may even mean that an unnecessary wall could come down or cable wires routed in walls. A game room should be a room you can enjoy without having to step around, under or over clutter and cables.
  • Another thing that needs to be considered when remodeling or designing your game room is who is going to use it most?  If it's a man you might want extra shelves for the games or game consoles that are owned. If it is for a child, you might want a lower organizational set-up to store the child's toys in. Talk to your contractor to find out the best way to make things easier for you and your family in the game room. For more game room organizational ideas, click here.
  • Decide on the type of style you would like. Most people think of a game room as simply functional, but in reality it can reflect your style or personality.  For more ideas on different game room styles, click here.  

Finding the contractor to get the job done

Using TrustedPros you will find it is a quick and easy process to find someone who can give you the game room you have in mind. With TrustedPros you can post a job description of what you have in mind and let the contractors come to you. You can also scroll through the extensive list of contractors, look at their profiles, and select which one you think fits your needs and has the experience in your job requirements. Either way get three or four quotes, talk to the contractor and get a feel for their compatibility with you and your family.

TrustedPros makes it easy to find a trustworthy contractor, but before hiring any contractor there is a few things to keep in mind.

  • It is highly important for contractors to have liability insurance and WSIB coverage and it is up to you to make sure they do. If the contractor does not have liability coverage, any damage that happens on or around your property can be blamed on the homeowner, and the homeowner could be left with the bill to make things right.
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