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How should I plan for this project?

The best way to approach this project is to design the space around the games that you and your family enjoy playing. Also think about about who will be using the room. The materials and design should reflect these two points.

Consider creating a lower organizational set up if the room is for young children. Or, make sure that you have an open-concept space if you are using this room for pool. If video games are central to the games room, then you should consider having a built-in for the gaming console, and a projector or a HD screen for your viewing pleasure.

Additional features that work well in a games room include extra built-in storage, a mini-fridge, comfy seating, and soundproofed walls and floors.

The cost of creating a games room

It's easy to keep costs low when you're creating a games room, even if you're building one from scratch. Nevertheless, prices always depend on the project scope. If you're building a games room from start to finish, consider these basic costs:

  • Hanging drywall: $1.00 - $4.00/ft2
  • Soundproofing: ~$30 per wall panel plus installation
  • Flooring: $1.00 - $10.00/ft2
  • Paint: $0.70 - $5.00 ft2
  • Electrical: $65 – $90/hr (not including materials)
  • Pot light installation: $80 - $150+/light (some contractors include materials in the cost)

Keep costs down by excluding a bathroom from the room design. Plumbing installations are expensive. If your games room is on the same floor as a bathroom or sink, then a bathroom isn't necessary.

Can I DIY this project?

Experienced DIYers can take on a simple games room project if they are already working with an existing room. If the room must be built from scratch, then it's best to hire professionals to install drywall and any electrical components. A designer can help you plan unique custom features such as build-in storage units or projector housing, for example.

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