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If you've got the yard for it, why not build a gazebo? Gazebos come in all shapes and sizes; and aren't limited to the popular octagon shaped design; they can also be four sided or six sided. When it comes to gazebos, design and style supersede practicality and function; in most cases, especially, if you are going for that pretentious look of ostentation.

Gazebos are usually ornate edifices supported by marble, concrete or wooden columns; built with an elaborate and extensively detailed roof made of thick sculpted trusses; and bending like a wave from its peak, makes this creation stand out in any yard. That's its purpose!

Now, for functionality and practicality, they can also be converted or adapted to a cabana, a change room beside your pool; or, an outdoor patio style bar; a sauna with showers; a wellness centre, complete with aromatherapy and essential oils; you name it; even as a barbecue and outdoor/indoor eating lounge for those special guests.

With Gazebos, as with any backyard landscaping project, design, materials and proper drainage play the largest part in its creation, costing, and the possible structural problems after it has been built. If you want a gazebo to stand the test of time like a Greek marble statue, say the experts; make sure your design takes in some important factors before you begin this kind of costly project. The average gazebo starts at about $5,000; and that's just an open concept wooden structure, without any marble or customized concrete columns; and of course, without your personally suited interior!

Before you consider this as your next project for your yard, one must study the drainage of your yards' landscape. Answering these questions: In and around your home and especially your backyard, where does the water flow during a heavy rain? Where does the water go during a snow or ice thaw? Are there hills and valleys in your yard where water accumulates? In building your gazebo, you don't want to build in a low lying area, and with no proper drainage. Otherwise, your glorious gazebo won't last too long, structurally speaking. Canada still has some harsh and ground swelling weather, in all seasons. Listen to your landscaper or resident expert; I am sure they have witnessed their own share of gazebo nightmares, and can help ease your mind on this next project!

Materials that are to be used should be of the best quality and built and designed to last, for at least fifty to 100 years. If you build this one of a kind, yet your own designed, beautiful backyard creation; even when it comes time to selling your property and the new owner may want to tear it down; he or she probably won't. Why? Because they will more than likely see the quality of workmanship and materials used in its creation.

Beginning with the meticulous attention to detail in the quality of the woods' stylized and sculptured design; it is truly a sight to behold; with its magnificent columns; and if desired, to its well crafted and highly customized interior. Find yourself an experienced gazebo builder/carpenter that knows what they are doing; they must also have an eye for design, as they build this monument of woodworking to last out the ages.

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