There are also different styles of gutters, such as copper gutters. Copper gutters are not a typical feature on every home. If fact, they are quite expensive and add a stylish feature to your home. They can actually be made to match the interior wood stain of your home.

Copper gutters are changing the view from being a necessary eye-sore, to a striking addition to the look of the home or building. Copper gutters also will not rust, and as long as the copper is treated, it will not look green. Of course if you are trying for this look with an old stone home, this will help with ivy growth.

Rain gutters serve a practical purpose for being on a home. Rain rolls off the roof and has to go somewhere. Rain gutters will direct the water to flow down and away from the house. Without gutters, a yard can flood and erode from the large amount of water that runs off onto the ground.

Cleaning your gutters is important, particularly in the fall. This is when leaves start falling and clogging up the gutters causing the water to flow over the top onto the ground below, which can cause problems.

Additionally, allowing the rain gutters to become clogged for an extended period of time, the extra weight may have resulted in sagging a bit, often times the gutters will not drain properly, even after they have been cleaned. This is because gutters are designed and installed to angle very slightly so that the water will drain in one direction. If the angle is not there anymore, then the water will sit and collect, further pulling your gutter down, as well as water flowing over the side, which will result in higher replacement costs.

There are gutters screens that can be installed into your rain gutters in order to reduce the collection of pine needles and leaves in your gutters. This will also reduce the time spent cleaning the gutters. Checking with a contractor that installs gutters will help give you a good idea of other preventative steps in caring for your rain gutters.

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