Land Clearing

The first step in site preparation is often to analyze where different utilities are and what else may be happening underground in the area so as to give the land clearing contractors an idea of where they can and can't dig and also how to lead services into the home.

Trees and Other Vegetation Needs to be Removed in Land Clearing to Make Way for the House

Once contractors understand the land they will need to clear the land of all vegetation including trees, grass, and any other plants so as to make way for the new house. An excavator will come into clear away all this material and also a layer of top soil. Once the land is cleared you may also need to dig holes for the foundations or basement. This will also be done by the excavator and will allow room for foundations to hold the house or room for the basement.

Get a Soil Bearing Test Done

Another part of site preparation that you may need to get done is a soil bearing test. This test determines the load that the soil is able to bear and whether it is safe to build your home in these conditions.

Finding a Contractor to Clear the Land and Prepare the Site

In the TrustedPros directory you will find a number of contractors you can hire to clear your land and prepare the site for you. If you prefer you may also want to post a project on our website and let contractors contact you.

Site preparation and land clearing is the first thing you will need to do, after designing the home, before you start building your new home. This includes analyzing the property, doing soil tests and also clearing the land and digging holes.

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