License Requirements

New Brunswick License Requirements

Infographic of home renovation trade qualifications for New Brunswick

In New Brunswick licenses are required for some contractors but others require a Certification of Qualification (C of Q). In many instances tradespeople are encouraged to get the “Red Seal” program provided by the Interprovincial Standards Program so that they can work across the border in Quebec where the laws are much more stringent. Quebec already has a program with Ontario so that their trades can get up to the standards as those in Quebec.

Plumbers (Must be Licensed)

Plumbing system construction work in New Brunswick can be performed either by a homeowner on his own premises or by a plumbing contractor licensed by the province of New Brunswick. However the homeowner must be under the supervision of Province of New Brunswick licensed plumbing contractor or supervised apprentices being employed with a Province of New Brunswick licensed plumbing contractor.

Plumber jobs include constructing, altering, extending, refurbishing or repairing plumbing systems including all fixtures, connections and soil and venting pipes. In any kitchen or bathroom renovations a licensed plumber has to actually do the work or supervise the connection of piping and drains.


In New Brunswick electricians are involved in the installation, refurbishing and maintenance of all electrical wiring systems and auxiliary equipment in residential, commercial and industrial establishments. This includes hooking up the power from kitchen and bathroom renovations to the control panel

An electrician job in construction and maintenance must be conducted or overseen by New Brunswick licensed electricians or supervised apprentices. In addition the persons responsible for the work must either hold a Certification of Qualification or be a Registered Apprentice in order to work in this trade.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic

Persons employed in this trade must hold a Certification of Qualification (C of Q) or be a Registered Apprentice. The trade of refrigeration and air conditioning deals with any type of primary or secondary systems not including duct work and sheet metal items associated with the system. The work of a refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics is to install, repair, maintain and rebuild residential, commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems and their designated components.
Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics in New Brunswick work in accordance with the Safety Codes Act and are responsible for:

  1. Installing heating and cooling units, appliances and accessories designed for natural or propane gas that do not exceed 400,000 btuh (117 kW) input.
  2. Install, service and maintain refrigeration equipment in the home, commercial and industrial venues including air conditioning and the cooling of water, brine and other liquids and products.
  3. Assembling and installing compressors, evaporators, motors, condensers and other types of refrigeration equipment and refrigerant pipe work.
  4. Overhaul and refurbish pumps, valves, compressors, accessories and pipe work required in all types of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
  5. Recover and recycle, or reuse, ozone-depleting substances such as freon.

Sheet Metal Mechanic

Sheet metal workers engage in the fabrication, assembling, erecting, refurbishment, installation, adjustment, repair and service of both ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal equivalent to #10 U.S. gauge or lighter gauge. They install domestic and commercial warm air furnaces in buildings up to and including four unit apartments. This trade also requires compulsory certification and a sheet metal worker must either hold a Certification of Qualification or be a Registered Apprentice.

Oil Burner Mechanic (Residential)

In New Brunswick natural gas has not made too many inroads and oil-burning furnaces are the mainstay of heating a home. An oil burner mechanic is required for oil furnace maintenance and he or she must hold a Certification of Qualification or be a Registered Apprentice in order to work in this trade in New Brunswick. Oil burner mechanics:

  1. Install, service, and repair oil burners with a capacity of up to up to 400,000 btuh or 3 gallons per hour, used for heating purposes.
  2. Install, service and repair furnace control devices and any associated electrical wiring used with oil burning equipment.

Gas (Compressed)

A license is required to install, repair and service gas appliances in New Brunswick. This mostly deals with propane storage but in the near future natural gas will be included. Many kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects require the installation of gas stoves or tankless water heating systems that use gas.

Changes to Licensing Requirements

Because licensing requirements change it is important that you check with both your provincial and local municipal office to verify if any updates have been made or additional licenses are required.

If we've missed anything or if you're aware of changes that have taken place, use the form below to include additional or updated licensing requirements, restrictions or laws pertaining to skilled trades and construction work performed in the province of New Brunswick.

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