If installing a lock or replacing your old one with a new one, it is important to consider the factors which determine which lock best suites your needs.

  • The Bore Lock is the most common one and is found on almost every home you see today. To lock the door from the outside, simply insert the key into the knob and turn until you hear a “click” or until you cannot open the door. By turning a knob or pressing a button, you can lock the door from the inside. This lock is effective as a safety device and is also good for escaping your house quickly in an emergency situation.
  • Bore Deadlatch Locks create the most ensured safety in a lock by locking automatically when the door is closed. This lock is recommended for those who fear they might forget to lock their door on an unlucky day and come home to havoc. Since this lock creates maximum security, it can take extra time unlocking the door from the inside, making it hard to escape quickly.
  • An Auxiliary Lock is a lock that is usually added to a door that already has some type of security device. These locks can only be activated from the inside but are known to add extra security. A common example of an Auxiliary Lock is a doorbolt, also known as deadbolt, which is a bolt that allows for the door to be opened only a couple of inches.

A break-in of any kind can leave you and your family devastated and scared. By having a lock properly installed and maintained, you are helping to prevent an unwanted entry. To learn more ways on how to prevent break-ins, click here.

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