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Marble is not just for kitchens. More and more, people are using it for flooring in foyers, as wall accents in rooms that need definition or simply as tops for stand-alone pieces such as hallway buffets to give the look of permanency and stability. Of course, it is suitable for bathroom vanities but it can also lend style and quick cleanups to showers. Bars, fireplace surrounds or hearths, windows and even tables are increasingly using the showcase abilities of marble.

For all of these various needs and looks, and because marble comes in so many patterns and designs, a marble installer should be among the first people you contact when you think you might like to add the look of this polished stone to your home. To receive the best help from your installer, and be able to help you judge competing bids, remember a few simple tips:

  • The price of marble is only once aspect of your total installation. While every installer will include the price of the marble in the quote, make sure your quotes also include:
    • Pre-measuring the template for cutting the marble
    • The polishing and shaping of edges that need to be finished after the stone is cut
    • Cut-outs for sinks, and in the case of under-mounted sinks the polishing of the interior edges (this will require picking out your sink as well ahead of time)
    • And of course, installation

None of this is for the home handyman. Leave it to the professionals.

  • Have a general idea of the color you would like to coordinate with the rest of the room, but let the marble installer freely offer you suggestions. Some marble, for example, is soft and should not be used on floors. An experienced marble installer will work with you to define the right type and color/pattern for your use.
  • Please remember that marble is a natural product. It will not have the same pattern or veining everywhere throughout that large countertop. Various pieces in your installation will vary, even large pieces from area to area. The variances are not the fault of your installer. They are simply reflections of a natural process.

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