Things to Consider

Mobile homes generally have sheetrock, tile or ceiling board ceilings. If the tiles on a tiled ceiling have become wet they may start to sag. If this is just a minor sag then you may be able to fix it yourself by wetting it and pushing it up and holding in place for several days. If this does not work then it may be necessary to replace the tiles, if you can, or to replace the whole ceiling.

Plumbing Repairs

Many plumbers will not work on mobile homes because of the different systems when compared with site built homes. There are a couple of things that you can learn to do such as shutting off the water and valves, as well as repairing some basic leaks in pipes yourself. If there are things that you can't manage yourself then it is best to contact a mobile homes services and repair company instead of a plumber.

Bathroom Repairs

The most common bathtub material in mobile homes is plastic. When minor cracks appear in this plastic you may be able to fix it yourself with some epoxy or repair tape, but in general you will probably need to replace the tub if the crack is any more severe. It is generally a better idea to get a mobile home services and repair company to deal with this.

Finding a Services and Repair Company

You can find a mobile home services and repair company using TrustedPros. Try to get a few quotes where possible and only deal with a contractor that you are happy with and where you can find good recommendations.

Mobile homes are specialized homes with special maintenance and repair problems that are best dealt with by contractors specializing in this area. There are a few minor problems that you may be able to deal with yourself but if you require a mobile homes repair contractor you can find one using TrustedPros.

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