Mold Removal

Molds are a fungi that can flourish under cloistered and damp conditions; they feed off organic matter, paper, leaves, and decaying animals. Molds can easily become airborne and once inhaled, can be harmful to one's health; especially, if exposed in sufficient quantity and over a period of time; and, while living within closed-in and non-ventilated spaces. Headaches, nausea, diarrhea, shortness of breath, itchy and watery eyes, including bleeding nose, are just some of the more immediate symptoms of mold exposure.

Mold can enter a home by way of a casual plumbing leak; roofing leak; or by way of trapped in hot air that cannot escape from the home, because of poor or non-existent roof or home ventilation; and then, gets lodged instead on or behind the drywall, ceiling joists, and baseboards of your home's interior. They can also reproduce hidden away in damp areas where organic matter, carpeting, wet clothes and damp cloths, can be their feeding source; including, your kitchen sink's disposal machine. All damp kitchen and bathroom areas need regular cleaning with hydrogen peroxide, or steam cleaned with a portable steamer, rather than using bleach or other harmful products, that only get washed down the drain and back into our environment.

These infestations can also exist in other places, like window areas; under floors; within ductwork; around piping; within insulation fibers; especially, if they are made from cellulose, a paper product; furniture; furnishings; and of course, wet and damp basements. When it comes to mold and their side-effects, prevention is the cure; keeping all your areas dry and well ventilated, requires constant vigilance, monitoring, and knowing how and where mold can grow within your home.

The best method by far, without having to resort to harmful chemicals for removing mold from carpeting, is by way of the scientifically proven to work steam-vapor system. It has a faster over-all drying time; it is totally environmentally friendly; less labor intensive, as the steam vapors heat does much of the work; low water usage, which helps the carpet dry faster preventing further mold growth; and, is able to clean and remove mold and other microbes because of the steam-vapor's heat, as well as the machines extraction/suction properties.

If you see or suspect mold in your home it is best to call out a company that specializes in detecting mold with their sensitive electronic instruments; being able to find it wherever it can hide, behind your floors, walls, ceilings, and ductwork.

The key things to keep in mind when choosing the right company, is to make sure they are certified and trained in various eco-friendly ways to remediate it. Also, get them to specify exactly what services they will be performing, as well as a warranty against future mold growth in the same areas found. Like pest control companies, mold removal is also a licensed and regulated business practice that requires exact training and certification by the City of Toronto.

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