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General Contracting Projects in Hamilton

Ever wonder what you're neighbours are doing to improve their homes? Discover what other Hamilton homeowners have planned for their General Contracting projects by reading the details of their request for quotes below.

In total, TrustedPros has received 142 General Contracting projects posted by homeowners in Hamilton seeking the services of local General Contractors. Total estimated value of these projects is $6,864,500.00 with a per project average of $48,341.00.

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Hamilton 88 $6,864,500.00 $48,341.00

Projects By Hamilton Homeowners

Addition foundation

I bought my house around a year ago and I was conserened about how the addition was built. The inspector and previous owner all said it was fine. Well my nightmare came true.

The addition is about 12x12, and I recentely found out it use to be a deck. They covered the deck boards with plywood and the build three walls and covered it with a roof. They fixed the inside and it turned out to be a lovely addition.

Well, I noticed the floor was sloaping down towards one side and then I saw from the outside after removing a panel, that the joists that was holding the floor were sitting on soil and rottening away.

So I need someone to come and reframe the floor and support the perimeter walls propperly.

The addition is about 4 years old the house was built in 67.

The site is Hamilton mountain east.

Posted By: David | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Addition to house to be completed with working drawings


I have had bad experiences with contractors so I only want to deal with the honest ones. My contractor bailed on me without completing the job. I would like to get a quote to finish the project and will require working drawings and permits. If you are capable of providing plumbing/electrical and carpentry, pls call.

All permits and drawings will be required.

Posted By: brad | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000

Apartment Reno

- Drywall, mud, tape, sand paint walls that need it.

- Bathroom bath tub frame, plumbing, install vanity, toilet

- Install kitchen counter, cupboard,

- Flip kitchen door to accommodate cupboards.

- Paint entire unit.

- Floor repair

- Floor trim where needed

ALL material is on site.

Looking for reliable, dependable contractor team to get the job done on time.

Please provide references.

Posted By: Rob | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Attic Renovation

The attic space in a one story house seems to have the space to be build out to a guestroom. It is an older (50+) house.

The attic is dry walled but no proof of insulation. The floor needs to be redone. We are not sure if the floor is strong enough to hold up a guests room.

Also ventilation and electricity migth be in need of a check up.

Posted By: Maria | Budget: Uncertain

Bakery Exterior and Interior Design. Wood work on exterior. Tiles and stone on walls in interior

New Bakery opening. Need a complete face lift on exterior and interior. False front to build height on exterior with wood detailing on entire front. Tile and stone to be placed on walls in store front.

Need a designer as well, to conceptualize our vision for our work space and store front. example: warn barn board and beams for ceiling design, stone on walls, painting in earth tones with splashes of interesting colors. Wood work for counter tops.

Basically, need to design and construct every square inch!

Posted By: Nicole | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Basement Removal and Mould Cleaning

Good Afternoon,

We are looking for three quotations for the following work to be done:

1. Remove the drywall in the basement and the cold room, as well as the ceiling and dispose of all material removed. The basement is approximately 700 square feet. The house was built in 1890, but the walls were put up in the mid-1970's. There is a bathroom and a half kitchen in the basement that have to be removed and disposed of as well.

2. There is mould in the following areas of the house that has to be cleaned:

a. Basement Laundry Area

b. Main Level Kitchen Ceiling

c. Main Level Kitchen Sink Base Cabinet

d. Second Level Bathroom Vanity Base

e. Second Level Bathroom Ceiling (Ventilation Area)

f. Second Level Master Bedroom (Lower East Wall)

Mould remediation will consist of HEPA vaccuum and wet wipe the mould areas with mild soap and water as per inspection report. We have a mould inspection report that will be provided when contractor is onsite for an estimate.

3. A Plumbing Inspection to repair any leaks. Leaks that we have found are located in the basement laundry area (plumbing leak at water main), main level kitchen ceiling, main level kitchen base sink cabinet (plumbing leak at sink), second level bathroom base cabinet (plumbing leak at sink).

The financing for this project is being done by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation Purchase Plus Program.

Posted By: Steve | Budget: Uncertain

Basement Waterproofing and possible finishing

My house was built in 1920 there is water penetration on one wall.

Would like to know the best options for waterproofing the entire basement so it can be refinished at a later date.

The basement floors are very uneven and have been painted need to be leveled. Would also like point work around the entire house where needed and chimney.

2 Basement pole support beams need to be replaced including a horizontal support beam under the stairs.

Posted By: Aurelio | Budget: Uncertain

Bathroom Renovation

I have a apprx 7 x 4 basement bathroom that has already been gutted down to the studs.

Will need to install drywall, fan, corner shower unit, toilet, sink/vanity, lighting, baseboards and vinyl flooring.

Many of the supplies have been purchased I just need someone to put it back together as I am running short on time myself.

Posted By: Riley | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Bathroom/Kitchen-2 Phase Reno

Bathroom and kitchen renovation (2-phase). May need plumbing and wiring moved. May need to have an architect look at the possibilities. Considering adding 8' extension to link to external wall to add a window and remove the individual rooms. Right now we have a sep. toilet room and shower room within the 12x12 bathroom space. The kitchen is on main fl. below it and we are considering extending/opening it up by removal of walls and moving an existing powder room. Front double door is off centre and one of its doors is non usable because the kitchen cupboards are behind it. Existing photos attached.

Posted By: Darin | Budget: $50,000 - $100,000

City of hamilton, ontario renovates program



Electrical from ESA

Bathroom /Kitchen

Doors and windows

Stair railing

I am a homeowner looking for a general contractor to quote on this work and is aware and has worked for the city of Hamiltons "Ontario renovates program" You must mention you have worked with the city, under this program for private homeowners.

Posted By: Steve | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000

Contractor Needed for A List of Big & Small Jobs

We are looking for a contractor to manage a list of small and medium sized jobs for us beginning August 1st, 2012. We understand this may require several sub-trades and would like a contractor to handle both the big and small items. We require the work to be done from August 1, 2012 to August 14, 2012 ideally, certainly the flooring needs to be done at that time. Only serious enquiries. Thanks

List of items:


Remove existing tile floor from kitchen/family room & small attached bathroom (approx 265sq/ft each room)

Install black/white marble tile in kitchen/bathroom on the diagnal

Install narrow (antique) style oak hardwood in family room (+/- border)


fill/repair two ground level cracks in exterior stucco

drill a vent for our hood-fan in kitchen

inspect fireplaces to see if they are functional


repair some loose gutters and down-spouts

inspect 2 small flat roofs (high 3 story house)

fix one small area of loose wood trim near roof


repair leaky faucet to bathroom

Install garburator in Kitchen sink


re-key all doors

Install deadbolts in 2 doors

repair front door hardware


Paint 4 exterior shutters matte black, pain one interior bedroom

Paint one interior bedroom


Estimate for excluding/replacing some knob-tube wiring in attic and basement

fix some non-functional outlets in kitchen


build 5 customs window screens if possible

replace cracked glass in 4 windows


repair slider in pocket door

tighten some loose banisters and trim on stairs

Posted By: Colin | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Dormer to create extra head space

We are looking to have a dormer installed on the south side of our rental property with the purpose of creating extra space for moving in larger furniture. We are looking at a 5'x6' dormer without a window, as the neighbour's roof would obstruct any view anyway. It is a two story house, probably near a hundred years old. There is decent attic space. Thank you.

Posted By: jeff | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

entire home renovation and kitchen addition

i would like to renovate and update my parent's home as they have both passed away. everything needs to be gutted and replaced. it's a rather small living space (i do not have the exact number of square footage at this moment) but the backyard is large enough that an addition can be added to create a larger kitchen. i would like to use bamboo and cork for the majority of the flooring (but most likely tiles in the kitchen, bathroom and parts of the basement; also some carpeting in the basement). i would like the basement to be conformed into at least 2 bedrooms (so that there is enough room for an additional bathroom and laundry room). i would like a new deck in the backyard large enough for a hot tub. i am looking to do this as soon as possible so that it is ready to be moved into by the winter. it has been a nightmare so far with people leading me on and not even courteously calling back to say they're not interested. i am willing to spend around $50,000-$60,000 with a reliable company. hopefully, i can find the right one for the job.

if i am contacted, i can most certainly provide the exact square footage ( i would like to say around 600 sq ft but i'm not completely positive).

thank you.

Posted By: Karen | Budget: $50,000 - $100,000

Entire House Renovation

Large brick detached house in the Durand area of Hamilton. House has been vacant for over a year and needs a complete renovation. Approx 1700 - 2000 sq ft.

Everything including:

- drywall

- electrical

- new windows/roof

- new flooring

- new kitchen

- 2 bathrooms

I think this is easily a 3-4 month job.

Email if interested.

Posted By: Kris | Budget: $100,000 - $250,000

Exit stair fixing, inside stair removal of squeking, and 2nd floor balcony floor installation


Property is in Hamilton Ontario. I'm looking to get the following work done.

1) My exit stair is slanted from second landing to 3rd landing. number of stairs between landing is 8.

2) My stair going is second floor has squeaking sound and some of the stairs have hole on the side. It is because i removed the carpet . the stairs has 15 steps.

3) The floor of my balcony on the second floor needs replacement. Size of balcony is 3 ft by 8 ft.

May I know how much the renovation will cost?

Thank you,


Posted By: Lott | Budget: $500 - $1,000

Exterior concrete foundation and brick column repairs, exterior handrails, interior basement framing around cellar stairs

Last year we purchased a home built in the 1920's near old Ivor Wynne Stadium. We have re-done the electrical and a lot of the plumbing already. We have a list of renovations/repairs to do, but our immediate needs are:


1.) Exterior foundation wall repair around 1 basement windows (East wall)

2.) Re-parging & painting of about 100sf of foundation wall (East and partial South walls)

3.) Foundation repair to brick-clad column supporting 2nd floor overhang (East column)

4.) Replace white painted steel hand rails on porch with something more durable such as aluminum

5.) Replace white painted steel column with structural aluminum to match new handrails.


1.) Carpenter / framer with structural background or resources to review the basement framing around the stairs to the cellar.

2.) Carpenter / framer to review basement framing for ground floor.

Address will be provided for respondents to review the exterior works, and a time set-up for an interior review of the basement.

Posted By: Frank | Budget: Uncertain

Exterior wall and window installation

100 year old house. Old porch was turned into interior room, with a bay window on it. Original wall has been removed. We would like to remove the whole room, and have existing bay window installed and a new exterior wall installed. Length of opening is about 10 feet X 8 feet high.

The reason we want to do this is because the room is separating from house, and becoming money pit. It is also a huge cold zone, so possibly no insulation. The bay windows can also be installed as three separate windows, and flat. Which is the option that we would go with.

We would also need existing door installed at original opening. Gas line for sure comes through the base of this room, and would need to be adjusted. Not sure about water, or hydro. The exterior light would need to be moved to new wall as well.

Posted By: Jenn | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Fence repair/roof masonry repair/front porch railing repair or installation/concrete step repair/ driveway replacement

Fence - need 4-5 new posts installed and reattach center pieces & lattice replacement

Driveway - want it newly paved (take away old, replace with new)

front porch railing & awning, need awning secured to house and need new railing (on concrete porch)

Front contrete step repair, bottom step splitting, needs repaired

Roof - need shingles that are lifting tacked down, need masonry work done on chimney, need anything that needs sealed, sealed.

Posted By: Cathy | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Frost Heave Damage Repair

We have experienced frost heave the past two winters and need the problem fixed properly. We have a two car garage and the concrete is cracked in a rough circle around the centre pillar. We have cracks in our drywall, window buckling, garage doors no longer open, stair-step cracking in our brickwork above the ground. Looking for the fix that will stop this once and for all!


Posted By: Alain | Budget: Uncertain | Status:  Active (Bid on job)

General Contractor needed

We would like to get an estimate from 2 contractors for the following work:

-Front Door Entrance: Repair.

-Fire Alarm panel - check and tune ups.

-Front Balconies of Apartments: Repair and Repaint X4

-Brick repairs and Joint work - 3 stories

-Fire Escape Repair/Repaint OR Replace

-Replace Exterior Doors - X4

-Additional exterior lighting at back of building.

Posted By: Victoria | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

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