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General Contracting Projects in Milton

Ever wonder what you're neighbours are doing to improve their homes? Discover what other Milton homeowners have planned for their General Contracting projects by reading the details of their request for quotes below.

In total, TrustedPros has received 32 General Contracting projects posted by homeowners in Milton seeking the services of local General Contractors. Total estimated value of these projects is $1,621,500.00 with a per project average of $50,671.00.

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Projects By Milton Homeowners

Convert main floor of 3 story house (brand new) into a 1-bedroom rental unit.

- 3 story townhouse with no basement (patio over garage) will be built by Mattamy, closing on April 21, 2010

- main floor needs to be converted into a separate unit by the contractor we hire.

- Mattamy will be adding and finishing a large bedroom, ensuite bathroom with shower, closet, staircase, and all rough-ins for an unfinished laundry room.

- The contractor we hire must convert the unfinished laundry room into a very small kitchen, and convert a powderroom into a laundry room (including stacked appliances).

- must also convert a cubby area to a laundry area for the second floor unit.

- a basic staircase must be built from within garage to second floor deck above garage (this is 2nd entrance for upstairs unit)

-a solid doorway must be placed on stairlanding to separate units

- other storage systems / shelving must be installed. - a 9-page pdf with basic diagrams of design etc. can be supplied to anyone interested in quoting (send me your email address)

- we already have all appliances

- work must be to code with all permits etc.

- Happy to meet you onsite (house is in framing stage now) pre-quote

- due date for quotes is Feb 15 / 2010.

Thank-you in advance for all quotes.

Posted By: Linda | Budget: Uncertain

Create a more open concept main floor.

Our home is 7 years old with a private dining room set off from the kitchen. I would like to have the wall between the dining room and living room torn down to create a more open concept main floor. We already have hardwood flooring in the dining room but would need to have hardwood put in the living room once the wall is removed. The dinning room needs to be repainted. We are also interested in replacing the carpet in our upstairs hallway with hardwood.

Posted By: Rosalia | Budget: Uncertain

Dry Wall repair, Metal box removed, front of house patched

Removed old baseboard heaters on wall. Need to replace old dry wall and fix up the wall.

Need to remove old metal Air conditioner frame (Just the metal frame - the guts are now gone) - This metal frame goes all the way to the outside of the house. Need front of house closed with plywood and insulated inside.

Note: There is one electrical outlet above the metal box, ideally this can be moved vertically downward a bit when new dry wall is put in.

Posted By: Rob | Budget: $100 - $500

Garage Loft +

We are just beginning some home renovations, including a planned basement, but before we do that, we need to get some of the stuff that we've stored downstairs into a different space.

We are looking to have a loft built in our two car garage, using as much available space as possible while still allowing us to use the space for a car and a van.

We would like the loft to be accessible by a retractable ladder, if possible. We are open to creative solutions!

Posted By: Stephen | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

General Contractor for Kitchen Reno in Milton


We have a kitchen reno that is aiming to be completed before Christmas.

We have hardwoord floor going in as well....

We have a masonry quote to brick up a window

We need a General Contractor who can do the drywall (move a doorway) / prep for the kitchen fo rthe cabinets - help us with the window........

Happy to have you come by!

Posted By: Catherine | Budget: Uncertain

Home Renovation

Crown Mouldings: Installation with Painting : 5 inches .. Approx area = 475 to 500 LF

Hardwood And 5 in Baseboard Installetion : Approx area is 900 sq ft and base board is around 600LF

Wainscoating : Approx area : Installation 100 LF

ChairMouldings : Approx 300 LF Installation

Posted By: ASIF | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Home renovation after flood


- install hardwood floor @ 700 ft^2 + base boards

- paint walls in 4 bedrooms and hallway

Possible: renovation of ensuite – separate quote


- color change on 17 steps;


- ceiling repair, stucco @ 240 ft^2

- drywall repair in laundry room; 2 walls + ceiling and paint (6’ x 7’)

- powder room some drywall repair and paint

- wall 10’ x 9’ to be removed and 2 columns installed;

- carpet remove and hardwood floor install @ 380 ft^2

- paint all walls

Possible: main floor + kitchen tiles remove @ 500 ft^2

- kitchen new tiles install @ 280 ft^2

- hallway hardwood floor install @ 220 ft^2


- sub floor and laminates install @ 800 ft^2

- minor drywall repair

- paint walls and ceiling


- drywall install, @ 50%

- paint

These are general description; please contact us for more details.

Posted By: Adam | Budget: Uncertain

Hot yoga studio

Build a yoga studio in 3000 sqft area which will have a 1000sqft of yoga room with natural flooring (bamboo or cork) with the heat of 40C at humidity of 40%.

Needs to have seperate men's and ladies room

Men's room: 2 shower stalls, 1 toilet, 1 urinal, 1 vanity

Ladies room: 4 shower stalls, 3 toilets, 2 vanities

Reception area with work desk and storage.

Posted By: Sam | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000

Hydro pole replacement on our rural property

We are looking for a contractor to look after the replacement of a hydro pole that's on our rural property in North Milton close to Acton. The pole is currently in a cement block but is rotting and leaning over. We are on the escarpment so you can only dig down about a foot until you hit solid limestone. We need a new pole put up and the hydro & utility lines transferred to the new pole. We need it done fairly urgently as we're worried it's going to come down completely with some high winds. The pole is at the side of our house and approximately 150 feet from the road.

Posted By: Dion | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Kitchen & basement

I am looking to rearrange and add to my existing kitchen as well as completely finish my basement (no kitchen or bathroom needed). Please feel free to contact me to schedule and estimate.

I would rather use my existing cabinets if possible. They are 4 years old from Mattamy. I will also need to add a double pantry and re arrange the counter/sink. As for the basement, it is a simple framing and finishing with 3 rooms (home theatre, storage and furnace/cat litter).

Thank you,


Posted By: Jill | Budget: Uncertain

Kitchen reno, Hardwood installation and Bathroom reno

The house is a new house completed in the fall of 2008. Need to upgrade the standard materials installed by the builder.

I need a backsplash and granite counter tops put in. I also need a new hood and pot lights installed.

I need hardwood installed on the main floor and the staircase stained to match. The space is about 700 sq. feet.

Finally, i need new lights and granite counter tops installed in my master bathroom.

Posted By: Gary | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

LVL beams to be installed

Looking for quotes on the installation of LVL's in 2 areas of a the main level kitchen. Beams will be supplied and delivered to the site. Your task is to open up ceilings, prep for installation of beams, install beams, close up ceiling and wall drywall and prep for paint, paint all affected areas.

Posted By: Mimmo | Budget: Uncertain

New Home fixes, plus new kitchen

House built in 1982 - requires new kitchen (configuration, counters/cupboards/appliances) including window fixes (two small venting windows to be removed /filled in) replacement window for kitchen and living room. Venting needs to be put in for powder-room. Maybe new floors - cork for kitchen instead of ceramic, hardwood for hallway/dining/living. Basement wall moved to be a) corrected and b) maximize space. Maybe hardwood or carpet upstairs. New Garage door with opener. Currently there is an ill placed fireplace - would love to move it - or change it to a gas insert . All have been listed in order of priority. We will need to purchase appliances - gas stove, french door fridge, over the range microwave, dishwasher.

Posted By: Catherine | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Opening the dividing wall of living room and dining room

We would like to open up the space on our living room and dining room. The work to be done is installing a support laminated beam (3 of 2x10's) across with 2 supporting studs on each side to transfer the weight from the studs to be taken out (3 studs).

WE are looking for a contructor/handyman to do the job right, we would like to know how they will do it and making sure that they will install a temporary support before removing the 3 studs that is bearing some weight above it. Should be experienced on doing this kind of job.


The electrical plugs that is on that wall will just be disconnected and there's nothing else on that wall. (the air return will be on the floor to be covered by grill as it is).

Posted By: Amie | Budget: Uncertain

Removal of possible load bearing walls

We currently are looking to completely remove one wall separating our kitchen and small dining room and install "pocket" french doors in the wall separating the small dining room and living room. The wall between the kitchen/dining room is just over 10' long and already has an opening located in it to allow access into the kitchen. The wall separating the dining room/living room is the exact same size and we are looking to install french pocket doors in it and close off the door opening that already exists in that wall. The easiest way to envision the 3 rooms would be to picture the kitchen on the left as a rectangle, the small dining room as a smaller square in the middle and the living room as a rectangle on the right. I am looking to remove the small dining room's left wall and completly close off and install doors on the small dining room's right wall. I am looking ideally for a licensed contractor who can determine if they are indeed load bearing walls, and then quote the job taking into account the proper permits/drawings needed to complete construction and close off the permit.

Posted By: Trevor | Budget: Uncertain

Removing a load bearing wall on main floor of our 2 storey home - Milton, ON

Our house was built 6 years ago by Mattamy homes. It is a great home but we would like to open up the space between the family room and dining room on the mail floor. The main floor has 9 foot ceilings and the 13 feet 9 inches with the doorway but we want to remove roughly 9 feet of the wall.

The wall has plumbing and air and an air vent.

Posted By: Barbara | Budget: Uncertain

Renovation and new construction

Hi there,

We have recently bought a home as below: Its 50 year old Bunglow on 132 X 250 lot. We want to upgarde the existing bunglow with giving it a new modren look and double garage plus new family room , master ,one extra bed room and two washrooms. the existing covered are is 900sqft with 3 beds one washroom with 900 sqf basement. please provide us different options costs and designs to choose from. email corrospondence will be preffered.

Thanska nd regards


Posted By: Adnan | Budget: $50,000 - $100,000