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General Contracting Projects in Ottawa

Ever wonder what you're neighbours are doing to improve their homes? Discover what other Ottawa homeowners have planned for their General Contracting projects by reading the details of their request for quotes below.

In total, TrustedPros has received 140 General Contracting projects posted by homeowners in Ottawa seeking the services of local General Contractors. Total estimated value of these projects is $6,921,500.00 with a per project average of $49,439.00.

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Projects By Ottawa Homeowners

Attic repair

Our attic needs some fixing. There are 2 problems:

1) Last winter, our 2nd floor bathroom had cold spots on the wall around the ceiling. Condensation was present. An inspector told us some of the insulation in the attic had blown away just above the cold spots.

2) Water stains are also starting to become visible on the bathroom ceiling. The inspector said snow was coming in through a vent and melting.

We need someone to fix these 2 problems.

Posted By: larry | Budget: $100 - $500

Back Yard Landscaping Needed - Landscaping and Dog Proofing

I have a long, narrow back yard (110 x 17ft) with a small patio and flower beds along each side. My dog has killed the grass at the back end and the remaining grass is not great. I'd like to do a major overhaul on the back which may or may not include the installation of river rock in the back 1/3, plus new sod and reshaped flower beds. Possibly will include the installation of paths from front to back that the dog can run on. I will purchase and plant the perrennials and prune the existing trees.

A limitation on this job is access to the back yard. It is a townhouse with right of access through the neighbor, however heavy equipment and too much tracking of heavy loads could damage his property, which I'd like to avoid. Ideally, heavy supplies such as stone, sod and soil deliveries could occur over the back wall, as I back onto a major road so access is easy. Please contact to arrange a time to view and quote.


Posted By: Susan | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Basement Finish

Basement about 450 sf.

One year old house. two existing windows.

Framing: 80% framing is already done by builder. Requires three walls about 8 ft high and 9 ft, 9 ft and 12 ft long. Some framing in the roof also required.

Plumbing: Washroom with tub, commode and vanity, tiles etc.

Duct work: some minor duct work required.

Drywall: on roof and walls required.

ELectrical: 8 pot lights, fireplace, washroom, andsome minor electric work.

Trim: hang three doors and finish work required. install new handrail.

Floor: Eng. laminate flooring.

Paint work.

Posted By: Mumtaz | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Basement Finishing

I have an insulated basement in a 4 year old home that I'd like to finish. There is a bathroom roughed-in and it should be framed but not finished. The main room is 20 by 25 feet and we'd like a 10 by 12 foot room put into the space. The main portion would have a fireplace. The work required is generally framing, electrical, drywall, and flooring. I will do the painting.

Posted By: Fil | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000

basement renovation


I have a small 6-700sq foot basement that I am looking to finish. I have the permits and a plan laid out by a professional architect. I would like someone to come in and do plumbing, (rough in 1 bathroom), electrical, framing, insulation, floor leveling, drywall and ceiling. I can paint and put on moulding, and cabinetry and bathroom fixtures etc. I basically want it finished to the walls. Floor coverings and finishes I can do. This is something I will want done ASAP so if the budget is right we can work together.

Thank you,


Posted By: trevor | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Basement Renovation - Findlay Creek Area - Ottawa

Permit and plans ready. Convert existing roughed-in basement into finished basment. Includes the installation of several new windows, bathroom, family room, bedroom and office.

Open to contracting it by pieces or all to one person/company.

Great indoor winter work for right person. Happy to directly purchase materials myself.

Serious prospects please send e-mail and we can review plans and site.

Posted By: David | Budget: Uncertain

Bathroom renovation as extension to ensuite bathroom, building new bedroom and new bathroom in basement

House built in 1965 close to Elmvale Shopping Center (St-Laurent and Russell road in Ottawa).

Quote #1. Shower extension for ensuite to main bedroom. Current bathroom already contains toilet and vanity. Shower extension to be made of tile backer board. Size of the shower is 32 inches x 60 inches. 8 foot ceiling. All to be painted. Exhaust fan required. I will provide the wall tile, paint, pot light for the shower, shower glass doors and shower faucet/ head.

Quote#2. Bedroom in basement of 10 ft X 15 ft with pocket door for access. Requires closet and shelving space with electrical outlets and light connections. I will provide the flooring and the pot lights. Heating duct for forced air must be provided and connected to bedroom.

Quote#3: Within the 10 feet x 15 feet bedroom listed above, a 3 feet x 7 feet bathroom. I will provide the vanity to be installed with valves/ faucets, the toilet, pot lights and the mirror.

Quote#4. The bedroom will require exterior access as per Ottawa building code. Current window inadequate. Require quote to cut foundation and outside digging on the side of the house with ciment walls and steps as emergency escape to meet building code.

Quote#5. 10 feet x 10 feet platform made of composite wood for outside shed with 6 ciment posts

Quote# 6. Install shut off valve with pocket door in ceiling for exterior tap in backyard.

Hardwood floors throughout except basement. Therefore, all hardwood floors leading to work site must be protected to prevent damage and all debris must be removed. Work area needs to have openings closed to prevent spreading of dust throughout the house.

Building permits for electrical work and plumbing required.

Do you take mastercard?

Need to know when you would be able to start work.

Please reply as soon as possible.

Six separate quotes please. I do not require the breakdown for each of the quotes above at this time, only the dollar amount +HST for each of the six quote requests listed above.

Thank you.

Posted By: Michel | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Bathroom Renovation, Refinishing H/W floor, and Repainting

Condo in Downtown Market

Two Bathrooms:

Ensuite (220 sqf) Remove and replace existing tiles, vanity, sinks (2), tub, toilet, bidet, shower faucets, reducing walls in between closets

Guest: (50 sqf) Remove and replace existing tiles, vanity, sink, tub, toilet, shower faucets

Refinishing Hardwood Floor:

Sanding and oil finishing: 600 sqf in total


Walls patch and paint OPCA

baseboards, baseboard heater covers, door window jambs, door stops, etc...

Posted By: One | Budget: $100,000 - $250,000

Bathroom renovations, touch up in other areas of house, room in basement, bathroom in basement

The Kitchen was done last summer but not competely finished so I would like that done, as well as cornor rounds put in some rooms, replace floor in living ( is a small living room), then if cost are not to much then we like a room & bathroom done in the basement. It is a 30yr old bungalow that 2 years ago we had the foundation redone,new sideing put up as well as a roof & windows, so we just want to complete the inside now.

Posted By: Gail | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Build a gym

I am opening a gym in the Ottawa south area and would like an estimate for the leasehold improvements.

The area is about 5500 sq ft. I need to build shower stalls and change rooms, will need to change flooring and most likely take down a few walls and build new ones.

It would be better if you could leave your contact information and availability

Posted By: mohamad | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Building Extension for Mixed Residential and Retail (Approx. 1,000 sq ft)

Looking to extend an existing building with two retail locations and a residential apartment above. There is a flat top garaged attached to the second retail location at the rear of the building. Exploring one of two options:

1. One floor extension of just the garage area, expanding current 330 sq. ft area into 700 sq.ft for additional retail space OR

2. Two floor extension, redeveloping the back area by turning the existing retail location into a larger retail space (ideally 1000 sq. ft with option of converting into 2 spaces of 500 sq. ft each), and a small two bedroom apartment above (750 sqft).

We&squot;re able to handle to internal finishing work (i.e. dry wall, flooring, painting etc..) Looking for a rough cost estimate for building the shell of the extension (foundation, roofing, windows, electrical, plumbing etc...)


Posted By: Kobe | Budget: $100,000 - $250,000

Bungalow extension/addition (s) - basement waterproofing.

There are three parts to my request.

1. extension

2. waterproofing

3. landscaping and driveway

I own a 1950s single bungalow, the perimeter of the house is 30x40. I would like to increase the sq footage of my bungalow. Either by an extensions or by adding a second floor, along with the addition I would like to rearrange the layout. The bungalow is 30x40 and the lot is 65x125. So there is room for additions. The kitchen would need to be redesigned, the bathroom made bigger and the addition of two more rooms, presently there are 2 room and the bathroom is very tiny.

I would like to get advice on whether I need an architect involved. And of course I would like to get on idea of how much a project this magnitude would cost me.

The basement is block foundation and is 90% finished. I don't have water leakage or a cracked foundation, however I am concerned about the musty smell, what seems like water stains and water residue on the visible walls. Also, there are no window sills. II want either to have the basement or serious grading around the house.

Along with the basement issue, I need a driveway done from scratched. the measurement for the driveway are roughly 70x30.

Posted By: Carolina | Budget: $100,000 - $250,000

Car Wash and Service Garage

We are purchasing an"L" shaped car wash and service garage. W e sould like to convert 2 car wash bays into an office. In order to do so we need to close off two openings preferably with one glass door 36inches by 84 inches and have approx. 36 inches of steel from the ground up followed by a glass frontage. we also need to install a new bathroom and flooring for the reception area. If you have walked into any Mr. Lube, Good year or Speedy muffler this is the look we are serching for. If you are interested and have done this type of work I would be glad to discuss the project we are in a bit of a time crunch so if you are available please contact me, Thank you.

Posted By: Danielle | Budget: Uncertain

Commercial Renovation

We are expanding the business. We are moving to a 1000 sq foot area. The area is pretty much 4 walls with a division in the back that might need to be changed. We are a wellness centre so all that needs to be done is creation of rooms as well as electrical in the rooms. I do have a draft attached to this bid as well as on a pdf document on how the area needs to be set up. there is already ceramic tile on the floor and drop celing. The rooms will be 10ft high and different sizes for each room.

Please contact me at my email address and I can send you a pdf drawing of the approximate layout of the new area.

Looking for a great price as well as fast service. I would like to have everything done in the month of August. This is very important as I am on a time-line.

Thank you,

Posted By: Stavros | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Completing Home Renovations

We have conditionally purchased an older home in Ottawa. The home was build in 1954 and the previous owner has completed partial repairs on the home. The basement has been finished (with only minor touch ups - baseboards and closet doors) but the main floor requires work. We are looking to have suggestions on dealing with an awkward closet situation in the master bedroom, possible re-dry wall of master, demo and renovations of kitchen installing new cupboards and appliances, adding a closet in the kitchen, drywall in the laundry and furnace room, quote on the replacement of windows and possible enclosure of the porch.

We are looking for quote and then work to take place in February 2011

Posted By: Jyll | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000

Condo Update

New build condo - would like to change look of kitchen (i.e colour of cabinetry - currently vinyl doors). Replace update two bathrooms and replace flooring (currently laminate & carpet - would like hardwood/engineered hardwood throughout living space. May need to replace tiles in bathroom as well. Total square footage of condo unit - just under 1000 sq ft. Very tight budget - this is a rental unit that requires just a inexpensive but quality upgrade. Thank you in advance for your interest.

Posted By: S J | Budget: Uncertain

Convert a 1-bedroom townhouse into a 2-bedroom

I own a townhouse in Lower Town - the upper floor has a large bedroom with a walk-in closet and a den. The total space (bedroom + den) is approximately 20.5 feet X 12 feet. I want to convert this space into 2 bedrooms. The walk-in closet walls (2 walls - one is 6 feet and the other 5) and the wall separating the bedroom and the den (approximately 7 feet) would need to be torn down and two new ones built. I would need a closet in each bedroom. Patch work on the ceilings and hard-wood floors would need to be done. I would handle the paint. I am in no rush.

Posted By: Andre | Budget: Uncertain

Cracked joist repair

Please give me an estimate for repairing a crack in one of the joists in my house. One of the 1•• x 9 inch joists in the crawlspace under my house has an 8 foot long crack in it. The crack is not new - I took the photos of it around 1996, which I can send you if you provide me with your email address - but I will be selling my house soon and so would like to get the crack repaired. It has been suggested that a suitable repair would be to bolt joists on ether side of the cracked one. One of the struts that keep the joist upright is not nailed at one end. I would like to get that fixed too.

My house is located in the West End, at the end of a cul-de-sac.



Posted By: Peter | Budget: Uncertain

Cutting Concrete foundation and installing walk-up stairs.

Our basement has back split condition. We have about 4.5-5 fit concrete foundation at the back that we need to cut in place of the middle window to put in a six foot sliding door.

The project would require a pisa stone retaining wall on both sides of the 8-foot walk out and 4-5 half-circle stone stairs to grade. The existing foundation would require underpinning. For drainage

We need a quote for the following services:

Here is what we need to do:

1. Frame the wall from inside with 2-2•€•x8•€• lintel to prepare an opening for a 6 ft patio door.

2. Remove the deck outside which is fastened to the wall with about 4 concrete screws.

3. Dig the ground to the footing.

4. Attached drainage to the existing weeping tile.

5. Cut the foundation. (I have already got a quote from a concrete cutting company. Is $600 as far I remember)

6. Install new L4•€•x3.5•€•/1/16•€• steel angle to support brick veneer.

7. Install the 6ft sliding patio door.

8. Lay 5•€• thick HD40 Styrofoam from base of retaining wall to 5ft away from perimeter and below the concrete walkway.

9. Our in concrete.

10. Reinforce the cut in foundation by installing new 4•€•x4•€•x3/8•€• steel angles to foundation wall on both sides of the new opening. Fasten to foundation wall with 3-1/2•€• HILTI KWIK bolts at 24•€• Centre. Provide 3•€• concrete embedment and 3/5•€• edge distance. Also fasten the new steel angles to the existing floor joists with •••€• bolt c/w nut and washer, provide min 3.5•€• edge distance.

11. Weld 5•€•x2.5•€•x1/4•€• steel plates to the bottom of new steel angle; fasten steel plate to concrete slab with 2-1/2•€• hilti ksik bolts; 2.5•€•concrete embedment.

12. Install retaining wall on both sides of the 6x8ft walkway to stairs. The retaining wall should be of 8•€•thick reinforced pisa stone ad install as per manufacturer&squot;s specs.

13. Put interlock on the walkway up to half circle stone stairs.

Posted By: Abid | Budget: Uncertain

Driveway Paving

I have an existing driveway of 17x56 which has a city sidewalk near the end.


-Rip up existing driveway,

-Widen existing driveway 6' to the left

-Grade and compact up to 10" of granular

-Pave 2" of asphalt

-Widen city curb 6' to accommodate new driveway

Looking to start job in 2 weeks time.

Posted By: trevor | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

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