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Here are some considerations you may not have thought of, and how to find the right asphalt contractor for your needs.

  1. Cost: Asphalt is less expensive and takes less time to install and cure when compared to concrete. Typically you'll find it is 30-40% less expensive, and whereas concrete will take up to a week before it can be driven on, asphalt is ready to use in just a day or two.
  2. Flexibility: Asphalt has the ability to move with the weather and shifting ground conditions. This means that as the seasons come and go you'll find it more likely to stand up to the rigors of heat and freezing conditions. It won't crack like inflexible concrete, which then becomes an eye sore.
  3. Repair: All things need maintenance, but asphalt is easily patched and filling occasional small holes is more readily accomplished. This is because existing asphalt binds with crack sealers and top coats more readily than concrete.
  4. Winter Benefits: Black asphalt will more readily absorb heat to help with snow and ice removal, and you won't get those pesky stones thrown into your yard like you will when plowing or blowing gravel driveways. At the same time, salt can be applied to asphalt drives without the fear of the little pot marks you'll get when throwing salt on concrete.
  5. Value: Asphalt drives as seen from the street suggest that your home is well maintained and therefore perceived value is increased. With a little maintenance, such as occasional sealing, asphalt will easily last 15 to 30 years.

Selecting the Right Company

Once you've determined that asphalt is the right application for your home or business, selecting an asphalt paving contractor should be a straight forward process, providing you remember a few simple tips.

  1. Make sure all potential asphalt paving contractors are bidding on the same specifications. Outline the width of your drive, any turn-arounds and approaches to garages you may wish to have. Do you want to see, if room allows, any curves in the new drive approaching your home or business?
  2. Are all contractors offering you the same thicknesses, removal of sod, ground preparations, slope for drainage and vegetation killers before your asphalt is applied? Does the bid include returning the surrounding area to pre-application conditions, such as filling in holes along your new drive with top soil and grass seed?
  3. Get several bids meeting your specifications easily and quickly using TrustedPros. In the space at the top, enter your province and your city. You'll be taken to a page(s) listing several reputable asphalt paving contractors for your area. Review their descriptions, take a look at what your friends and neighbors say about past work and select a few who meet your job requirements. Secure bids and compare three or four.

When all are bidding according to your specifications your selection will probably come down to a reasonable cost and timing or availability.

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