Pest Control

The word 'pest' depending on your location, can refer to many types of critters; from beavers to bears; roaches to rats; gators to kangaroos; spiders to snakes; and even, to the out-of-control infestation of 'zebra mussels' along our St Lawrence River. These days, we need a workable way to control our 'pests', wherever and whatever 'they' may be.
Locally speaking, most pest control companies deal with bugs, spiders, termites, rats, roaches, tics, fleas, and some, even small animals, like squirrels and raccoons. These companies go by many names, including exterminators; because that's what most people kill them dead! And as such, they use a host of toxic and deadly, to the pests that is, chemicals to insure their swift demise.

The latest infestation that has been on the radar of most homeowners and even out-of-town hotel visitors has been that of bed bugs. Acquiring these little devils doesn't mean you're dirty and unclean in any way; you could have sat on a bus seat, cab seat, restaurant seat, that a person that lives with them, carries on their clothing. Then you go home and drop them off; where they are able to reproduce and begin to wreak havoc!

Pest eradicator specialists have an approved and registered system of insecticide management as per Health Canada's stringent safety standards. They have trained professionals with years of experience; and most importantly, specially designed tools to infiltrate deep into the cracks and crevices, and wherever bed bugs can hide. According to one of the top pest control company's in the GTA, their most popular and workable treatment, is the Flush, Spray, Dust and Vacuum regimen; it is considered safe, and the most economical method to obtain the best results.

If you are moving into a new house or apartment, consider hiring a pest control service for a pre-move inspection to insure that no unwanted pests exist; especially, if you have pets or children. Additionally, if you are leaving a place that is or has been a persistent pest problem; consider getting a pest inspection and or treatment prior to your move, just to be safe; this is to be done before you pack for your move; in order to be certain not to bring anything to your new residence.

Dangerous chemicals are not always the answer to your pest problems say the pest control experts. As with everything else these days, pest control has also gone eco-friendly, using the power of heat in the form of steam, to rid your home in a non-toxic way of these troublesome and incredibly persistent little rascals. They are known to hide around organic products, including natural fibers, books, baseboards, bed boards, mattresses, pillows, bed coverings, tables, couches, chairs, some carpeting, in clothes, and in shoes; and neither chemicals nor washing will get rid of them. But steam heat, properly directed, combined with persistent temperatures of 130 degrees, is sufficient to kill them dead; and without damaging your possessions or furnishings in the process!

For your home, consider a licensed and registered pest control company. Additionally, you can also consider buying a portable steamer to help you personally fight these critters by steaming your clothes, and other personal stuff!

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