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Carpeting Design Tips

Floors come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big while others are small. Some are just bare hardwood and some are laminated. But no matter what house you go to, you are bound to find at least some carpet. Why not? Carpeting is the softest material out there. It comes with all sorts of colors and textures, and renders your steps practically silent. Carpeting is also great for people who don't have as strong legs as others and require the cushioning in order to stay comfortable. So here are some tips to help you choose the right carpet for your home.

What You Should Consider

When you are looking for new carpeting, there are two things you must look at beyond the color: what the carpet is constructed of and what the style is, also called the pile. The feel of the carpet is defined by the fibers used and the overall look, while things like stain resistance and durability are determined by the pile. You need to know both of these things in order to determine if a certain type of carpeting will be desirable in different areas of the house.


There are four different types of fibers on the market. The most popular one is nylon, which is used in three quarters of the entire industry. Nylon is durable, soft, and rather inexpensive, so it is used in a wide variety of different piles. Polyester is another popular option as it is hypoallergenic and comes in a wider variety of colors that do not fade. However, it has a tendency to flatten, so it's more likely to be a better option for the master bedroom, which doesn't see as much traffic as, say, the living room. Wool is another great option, as it is very soft, but wool carpets are also more expensive.


A carpet's durability and resistance to stains is based on its pile. This is possibly the more important feature to ask about when shopping, since the pile can dictate where a carpet will last the longest.

Cut Carpet Pile

The cut carpet pile is very popular for many different rooms and situations. It is very soft, resists staining nicely, and has a pleasant look to it. However, the cut pile is also not particularly durable and shows wear and tear much easier, meaning it will need to be replaced more often.

High Durability Piles

Both the textured pile and the frieze pile are popular options for high traffic areas like entry foyers and living rooms. Both of them hide staining and wear very well, so it's more difficult to determine how old a piece might be. These piles are renowned for their durability, though they may not be particularly pleasing to look at and don't provide as much cushioning as other piles.

There are a multitude of options available that are all dependent on where you want your carpet. Look around for carpeting specialists and designers to help you determine the carpet which is just right for you.

If a room's walls are the icing on the cake in regards to interior design, then the right carpet to compliment and pull room elements together is the cherry! Carpeting buffers noise, provides softness and warmth, increases traction (thus safety, especially for small children and the elderly), and acts as a large indoor filter. In fact, carpeting is so popular, over 70% of homes and workplaces rely on it, leading to the development and production of a myriad of carpeting choices. New color and pattern selection for carpeting are nearly endless, as are nap, texture, and fiber options. Carpeting can be visually bold - defining the room's character and color scheme; soft and sophisticated - whispering elegance; understated and casual, or somewhere in between. And more and more, homeowners are opting for 'performance specific' choices; carpeting that meets a variety of lifestyle needs, including households with pets, small children, heavy foot traffic, and allergy concerns. Whether replacing old carpet with new, or introducing carpeting to a room for the very first time, get visual inspiration from our Carpeting Photo Gallery below.

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