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For starters, it is always important to remember that all sorts of closets are out there. Some are meant to store dry goods, others are meant for clothes. Some are meant to house utilities, while others deal exclusively with general storage. What you intend to do with the storage space dictates precisely how much remodeling is required. Utility and storage closets might not require much in the way of decoration. But pantries and bedroom closets warrant a bit more attention.

Options for Reach-Ins

If you are thinking of remodeling your closet, you probably have a standard reach-in closet: small in surface area and possibly packed from wall to door with clothes, shoes, and various knick-knacks that accumulated over the years. You probably want to expand it to make it larger or even upgrade to full-blown walk-in closet. While walk-in closets are nice, some areas simply do not have the spatial requirements to warrant such a drastic move. There are actually many ways you can create a fantastic reach-in closet without ever having to spend a lot in a remodel.

Get Some Help

If you are intent on expanding your closet to be a walk-in and you have the space to do it, the first thing you want to do is hire a contractor. They can advise you about where the best place to put your new walk-in closet will be and what kind of extra work needs to be done in preparation for the expansion.

What to Find

After you find a contractor and the walls have been constructed, you need to pick out items which take advantage of the new storage opportunities. Aside from hanging racks for all your clothes, you can also incorporate cubby holes for shoes, jewelry, and spices for the pantry; built-in drawers for extra discreet storage space; and even a nice fireproof safe to keep all your valuable and confidential documents.

Optimize for Space!

The most important thing to remember when it comes to expanding your closet is that it is still a storage space at its core. Most walk-in closets will probably have little in the way of furnishing aside from maybe a vanity for jewelry and makeup. Picking a suitable color is also not much of an issue. The key to having a great closet is by figuring out the best way to optimize the space for storage purposes. Function rather than fashion should be the focus. Do that and you will have a closet which contributes positively to a home's value.

When you think about closets and storage space, you probably take them for granted. After all, what could you possibly do with a closet when you are remodeling your house, aside from expanding it into a luxurious walk-in? While it is true that many closets are just small spaces with a couple of shelves, some hanging racks, and maybe a vanity for jewelry, there is actually a lot more you can do to optimize your home's storage capabilities and allow a closet to become its own distinct space.

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