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Countertop Design Tips

When you are renovating a kitchen, one of the key elements you need to look at is the style of the countertops. These, along with your cabinetry, make up about 90% of your kitchen aesthetic. Much like the wood of the cabinets, the material you pick to use on the countertops carries different responsibilities regarding care as well as what color they are going to be. Here are some popular options and what you need to think about if the material looks right to you.

Stone Counters

When it comes to elegance, you cannot beat stone countertops. Marble, quartz, and granite in particular are very popular. All three have a very natural and blanched look to them, which is great if you want a pleasing aesthetic which is gentle on the eyes. Stone, however, requires more careful maintenance as well as regular sealing in order to prevent stains. Granite is the toughest of the stone countertops as it does not chip and isn’t susceptible to heat damage.

Butcher Block

Wood countertops are a growing trend in Canada. They bring back a simpler, more down-to-earth time than today, carrying with them a great deal of classic appeal. If you want a classic and traditional countertop, you cannot go wrong with a butcher block. Wood carries with it a lot of maintenance costs, however, as it can expand and contract thanks to moisture. It is very easy for bacteria to remain trapped in the grains, so regular disinfecting is required. Just like stone, you also need to seal it in order to protect the surface against knife nicks.

Constructed Countertops

Many artificially constructed countertops are available as well with their own benefits and disadvantages. Artificial countertops are typically cheaper than stone or wood and can be made of virtually any material.

Solid Surfacing

The most popular constructed countertop is easily the solid surfacing variety. Though it is more expensive than its counterparts, solid surfacing carries with it almost no associated maintenance costs. While not the strongest material out there—it is quite susceptible to burns and scratches—most damage can be sanded out without much fuss. It also comes in a vibrant array of colors, which can help immensely if you have a specific color scheme in mind and don’t particularly care about having an artificial-looking kitchen.


Another popular type of constructed countertop is the tile counter. Tiles are famed for their versatility and strength, making this material a boon to homeowners who don’t quite know what they want to do with their kitchen. They are practically impenetrable to scratches and burns, and stains have a tendency to not stick. Tiles are also quite affordable, so it’s easy to replace one if a chip or crack occurs. The grout does need to be sealed, however, in order to prevent bacterial growth or breakdown.

Many other types of countertops are available. Consult a designer to figure out a material which is right for you.

Nothing quite compliments a kitchen like a great countertop - just ask any cook! From impressive granite and marble designs, to functional and strong engineered stone, to concrete, metal, and eco-friendly composite options that resist stains and inhibit bacteria growth, countertops come in a variety of material and color choices that fit any budget. While top trends include eco-smart reclaimed wood that is dimpled with character, and dense, sturdy and lightweight cork that is also environmentally friendly, elegant brushed stainless steel, natural soapstone, slate, scratch resistant quartz, and classic butcher block countertops also remain popular trends. Whether easy to maintain decorative laminate, Formica, or a natural, eco-friendly option - our Countertop Photo Gallery below offers design ideas for a countertop sure to delight the cook in your family!

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