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Kitchen renovation
by Alair Homes Edmonton from Edmonton rating 10 reviews
Living room
by Alair Homes Edmonton from Edmonton rating 10 reviews
Dining room
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Dining room
by Alair Homes Georgian Bay from Midland rating 3 reviews
Kitchen renovation
by Kingsway Construction Inc from Toronto rating 2 reviews
Dining room
from Toronto

What to Consider for Light

Dining rooms are typically characterized by lavish furnishings and soft light which gives the room a subtle appeal. A halogen lamp or two can suit these lighting needs nicely while also providing a sense of modern elegance to the room. Another popular addition is an oversized and lavish chandelier hovering over the table itself. Complement the light with a large mirror to reflect even more across the space.

China Cabinets: Not as Useless as You Might Think!

There are a couple of pieces of furniture you will typically find in the dining room aside from the table and chairs. A china cabinet is almost always a must-have for any dining room, as it can give you extra cabinet space outside of the kitchen for you to store your dinner plates, utensils, and nicer glasses. This classic furniture addition makes for an excellent centerpiece to any dining room and its contents can be switched to reflect your interests or the season.

The Antique Appeal

Antique furniture is almost always the way to go if you're looking to decorate your dining room in a more classic style. Throw your grandmother's armchair in the corner to give some extra seating space to anybody who wants to be in the conversation but doesn't want to sit at the table. Display family heirlooms in the china cabinet as conversation pieces. But be wary. If you're going for a modern look, which stresses minimalism, then don't rely too much on antique furnishings.

Dining Table Size

The size of the table is probably the most important question when you're redesigning your dining room. There are many types of table and chair sets out there. Some are square and others are rectangular. Some are even extendable. You want to consider things like budget and frequency of use when asking this question, but you also need to ask yourself how many people will probably be sitting at the table at any one time. A good milestone to work from is six, as in six chairs to a set. This will give you enough space for a normal family as well any guests you might be having.

Get Some Help

Hiring a designer can prove a huge benefit to you as you decide what furniture you want to put in your dining room and what kind of a look you want to go for. Professional designers know all the latest trends in dining room furnishings and give you invaluable advice as you shop around.

Have fun!

Whether you use it or not, a dining room in your house can add a sense of elegance and refinement to any regular home. While it is most useful for parties and family get-togethers, the appearance of your dining room can substantially increase the value of your home while impressing your neighbors as well. But unlike other rooms in the house, the value of the dining room hinges almost entirely on what kind of furnishings you find in there.

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