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Living Room Lighting Ideas

The presence of light in the living room is possibly the most important room to consider when deciding on ceiling fixtures and lamps. You host parties in there, you watch television, you display all your pictures and art for everybody to see. So you should most certainly consider some of these ideas for giving the living room appropriate lighting based on your needs.

Lamps. Lamps are the ideal method for giving tertiary light to certain corners and alcoves the primary fixture cannot reach. Be sure your lamps are consistent with the design scheme of the room and provide enough light for more intimate or private activities like reading. Consult an interior designer to figure out which lamps are best for you.

Portrait Lighting. Vertical lighting is also greatly encouraged, such as portrait lamps. These can illuminate your centerpieces beautifully without being tacky. The best part is that vertical lighting can also be used in virtually any room.

Style and Finesse

Entry halls and dining rooms do not require light as intense as the central fixture in the living room. This is why you will want to consider getting a more stylish fixture such as chandelier. Because both of these areas are associated with finer living, you have a lot more liberties concerning what kind of fixture you want. A ceiling fan is also not as necessary as in the living room because these areas are typically quite open and don't see as much use.

Adjustable Settings

Bedrooms need to be taken under special consideration regarding lighting and fans. More than any other room, lighting and temperature are of utmost concern. After all, everybody has their own level of comfort. For this reason, you will want to consider a ceiling fixture which has easily adjustable settings for both the lamp and fan functions. The increasing use of LED technology in lighting fixtures is allowing this to be possible. If you can't afford adjustable settings, consider getting a wall-mounted reading lamp for tertiary lighting and have lots of blankets available for particularly cold Canadian nights.

Find a Trusted Pro

Many styles and designs are available for your perusal and all it takes is a discerning eye. Once you have decided on a fixture, however, it is paramount that you find an electrician to mount it. Ceiling fixtures require a tremendous amount of skill to mount and connect with your electrical system; a false move can either send your fixture crashing to the floor or result in some severe injuries. So be discerning with your lighting as well as with the people you trust. There are only so many out there.

Every house needs light. Decent lighting promotes warmth and happiness. But fixtures don't have to be bland and unappealing. There are a great many ways you can use ceiling lights, lamps, and fans to accent every room in the house and provide ample lighting for all your visitors.

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