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Perks of a Home Theater

All home theaters require at least three things in order to give them an appropriate theater feel. You need chairs. You need a screen. You need a means of getting the image onto a screen. Now, one might ask: Can't you just use the living room as a media room if that's all that's needed? While it is true that living rooms can provide for a movie watching experience, a living room is also not quite the same thing as a dedicated home theater. Televisions and DVD players simply do not possess the same charm as a screen and projection system does. Many screens are much larger than televisions right now and sometimes produce a higher quality image as well.

Great Design Options

If you do decide to put in a home theater, what kind of look you are going for should determine what kind of furniture you want to put in. Hiring a designer can help you determine precisely what you need to get that is within your budget. But here are some practical guidelines to follow.

Modern Media Center. A modern home theater would most likely feature leather seating as well as many perks which enhance a viewing experience. The projector should likely be a modern set with digital streaming based out of a computer. This makes modern home theaters great for Internet streaming such as Netflix and YouTube as well as traditional streaming from a CD disc drive. Home theaters, in this regard, can also double as gaming centers for parties across a wireless connection.

Classic Cinemas. However, if you want a more classic theater feel, you will most likely want to browse around antique stores for a classic projector as well as film reels. The classic theater is also woefully empty without a popcorn machine—after all, how can you possibly watch a film without popcorn? Enhance the space a little more with a dry or wet bar for all your "concessions" and drinks. This home theater aesthetic would be especially appealing to film collectors who enjoy watching their old reels from time to time.

The most important thing to remember, though, is that the purpose of a home theater is give you the closest thing possible to a movie-watching experience without ever having to spend ridiculous amounts of money at a professional cinema. Look around for some trusted professionals who help you give the home theater you really want.

To some, a home theater seems like a superfluous room which only the super-rich and movie critics could possibly have any use for. For the diehard movie lover, however, a home theater can provide hours of enjoyment for them and for their guests. Some home theaters are super-modern with comfortable seats, high-definition screens, and classy aesthetics. Others are made with a more classic flair which hearkens back to the glory days of the silver screen. Either way, each one provides a fantastic experience for all your media watching needs.

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