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If you are going to put in a hot tub, especially if it's going to be a permanent fixture of the house, the first thing you should do is hire a contractor. Because of the overall size of many hot tubs, you have the option of setting it up either inside or outside the house. Having a contractor at your disposal can help you identify ideal spots to set up a hot tub without much risk of getting in the way of the rest of the house. In addition, hiring a contractor will open up another popular option for hot tubs: building a sauna separate from the rest of the house which can provide much needed warmth during those cold winter nights.

Types of Hot Tubs

In-Ground. There are three options available when it comes to where you want a hot tub set up. The first option is building it as an attachment to an in-ground swimming pool. Though this does make its usefulness limited due to the seasons, the costs associated with it are not as high as some of the other options. It is important, though, to make sure the style is consistent with the rest of the pool.

Bathtub. The second option is simply converting your bathtub. Some bathtubs, especially platform tubs, these days are already built with a Jacuzzi option in mind with the presence of high pressure jets mounted in the walls, making conversion to a full-scale hot tub easy and cheap. It's possible you even already have a hot tub option on your current tub, so be sure to look that up.

Transportable Hot Tub. The third option is investing in a dedicated outdoor hot tub for use separate from a pool on a deck or patio. Because unattached hot tubs are simply brought to you by the company you bought it from, they are quite versatile and can move with you if you decide to move out of your current home. This also makes them a popular option for sauna owners.

Putting in a hot tub can allow you to enjoy the Canadian winters in comfort and style. Look around and see if any designs or styles are right for you.

For many people, having a hot tub in the house or backyard is almost as wasteful as investing in a dog without knowing how to care for one. However, putting in a hot tub isn't as frivolous as you might think. With the harsh winters up here in Canada, having a hot tub for your home can provide a welcome respite against the season for you as well as your guests. Much like a swimming pool, there are many design options available to you which can make a hot tub the genuine envy of your neighborhood.

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