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Why redecorate it?

When you first look at a powder room, you may not think very much of it. Sometimes called a half bathroom, powder rooms typically only have a toilet, a sink, and maybe a medicine cabinet to keep things you regularly use such as makeup and common over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen and Pepto-Bismol. But it’s the location which allows this room to warrant a redesign like a normal bathroom. Powder rooms are almost always located on the main floor near common areas such as living rooms and kitchens. This makes them perfect places for guests to freshen up or relieve themselves without having to use the full facilities, which may be connected to a bedroom or are in a completely different area of the house.

However, powder rooms should not be decorated in a mirror image of the nearby living area. They do require their own unique style which reflects your own decorating tastes. Them counting as an entirely separate room while also not bearing too much burden of the overall value of the house can lead to the creation of some truly unique designs.

Install New Sinks and Mirrors

One of the most common ways for powder rooms to be redesigned is with the installation of a new sink or mirror. It is entirely possible, if you are buying a new home which has not been lived in yet, that the initial builders did not put in a particularly stylish sink or mirror. While hiring a bathroom designer can help you make a decision, the easiest way to update your powder room is by replacing the first sink and mirror set with one which more easily reflects your style. Looking at the design of the main bathroom is a great way to get started with making this decision.

Don’t Forget the Medicine Cabinet. Another common thing you can do to update a powder room is by putting in a medicine cabinet. These bathroom mainstays come in all varieties and styles and can give your powder room necessary storage space for keeping common remedies as well makeup for female guests.

Some Other Tips

It is important to remember to not go too overboard with powder rooms. While there are some exceptions to the rule, you want to try to keep the colors fairly low-key and give the room personality with wall decorations rather than the paint job. Hiring a designer can give you precisely the advice you want about what kind of pictures should go in the powder room as well as different styles of mirrors, sinks, and medicine cabinets.

The smallest and possibly most basic room in the house, a powder room is one spot which is typically overlooked when a homeowner is redesigning their house. However, the convenient location of a powder room as well as its overall importance to permanent and temporary guests alike make it a valuable place for you to let your creativity soar and design a truly eye-catching place.

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