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Pool side area with retaining wall
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Size Shouldn't Matter

One of the first things you would probably ask yourself when considering an in-ground pool is whether or not you have the space for one. Large backyards, for obvious reasons, are more ideal for an in-ground pool than smaller backyards. But you shouldn't let size dictate your decision on putting in a pool as many alternatives are out there for smaller yards.

Endless pool. One growing alternative which has just entered the market is the endless pool. Small enough that it could be tucked into a secure corner of the yard or on a patio, this alternative is a fantastic resource for homeowners who want to have the full experience of a pool but don't have the space for it. Designed specifically for fitness purposes, the endless pool should definitely be a pool you consider for installation.

Hot tubs and spas. Another popular alternative for homeowners with small yards is a hot tub or sauna. These as well do not require as much space and can feature just as many design options as a full pool. An in-ground hot tub becomes even more attractive if put in as a part of a patio, as it can create a nice relaxing place for guests to rest as the main events of the day begin to wind down.

Know Your Landscape

Landscaping is a big part of pool design and one of the things you must work with if you are planning to put one in. The nature of a large pool demands that it be the centerpiece of your yard rather than stuck off to the side like the red-headed child. It's important to keep this in mind and center all your landscaping efforts on making the pool beautiful. A good way to do this is by putting a landscaped wall along the back edge from which you can disperse your cleaning chemicals. Waterfalls and stones are a great way to give this wall some personality and put a bit of nature into the pool area as well.

Hiring a landscape designer is the best way for you to figure out how to make your pool as beautiful as it is enjoyable. Many professionals are available in Canada who can give you exactly the advice you want. Take the leap and learn what kind of benefits a pool can give you.

Pools and spas are one of the most attractive additions you can make on a yard and even the house overall. For many homebuyers, the presence of a pool can make or break a contract signing. This is why it's almost necessary to consider whether or not you want to put a pool in.

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